Pursue individuality and save money

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Customized furniture has become the darling of modern home decoration because it can fully meet the requirements of personality

customized furniture is not as simple as you think. Blindly pursuing fashion and saving money, ignoring the use of room space and the living habits of your family, will destroy your original "dream of fashion" and "dream of saving money". We will uncover the cover of customized furniture for you. The room area determines the style

when choosing custom furniture, the type and size of products should be determined according to the room area. If the area of the house is limited, customized furniture should focus on saving space. For example, the shape of wardrobe and cabinet should be as simple as possible, and the volume should be relatively small. More attention should be paid to the use of space, so that it will not appear crowded

style should be unified with decoration

furniture can't be customized after decoration, so what style of furniture should be customized should be determined before decoration. It is particularly important that customized furniture must conform to the overall style of decoration. If it is Chinese style decoration, choosing panel style customized furniture will be out of place. Similarly, it is naturally weird to put a set of Chinese customized sofa in a modern style room

pay attention to the rationality of furniture use

now some consumers often ignore the actual situation of their houses when purchasing furniture. Those furniture that look appropriate in size and color in the exhibition hall are completely difficult to match at their own homes. Furniture made according to the style in the magazine looks crowded at home. This is because consumers are unprofessional and overconfident. Therefore, when choosing customized furniture, the increase and decrease of all materials should conform to the design principle, taking into account the support, practicality and beauty, not wishful thinking to highlight personality, but pay attention to rationality

don't waste too much

many people choose customized furniture, in addition to pursuing personality, they also want to save money, so they can't cause unnecessary waste in order to pursue personality. If the budget is limited, don't do some unnecessary design simply to pursue personality, resulting in unnecessary waste. If you make too many customized furniture, you can't achieve the original intention of saving money and personality




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