Chongqing Yantian door industry 2018 year-end summ

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Joy is accompanied by sweat, success is accompanied by hardship. Unconsciously, we have gone through ten spring and autumn together

joy is accompanied by sweat, success is accompanied by hardship,

unconsciously, we have gone through ten spring and autumn together

2019 has arrived as scheduled, and we are full of expectations

in this day of leaving the old and ushering in the new,

we are gathered here,

hold the year-end summary meeting of "Chongqing Yantian door industry Co., Ltd.

the main purpose is to review the achievements made in the past year,

and the problems found in our work,

and take this opportunity to sum up experience and accumulate lessons,

to lay a good foundation for our smooth work in the new year

Chongqing Yantian door industry 2018 year-end summary conference

time: January 6, 2019

location: taoranju, Binjiang Road, Banan District, Chongqing

participants: all staff of the company

the company also specially customized cashmere scarves for their families,

it's so loving that my heart is instantly warm

Tao ranju is located on the beautiful Binjiang Road in Chongqing

afternoon: 4:30, the annual meeting officially begins:

count nine cold days, people are warm, and the family is happy to get together

welcome to Chongqing Yantian door industry Co., Ltd.

2018 year-end summary conference

looking back on 2018, we are full of pride.

looking forward to 2019, we have a heavy responsibility on our shoulders.

today, we gather here to enjoy the happiness brought by fate and enjoy this good time.

today, we gather here to feel the truth with our hearts and welcome spring with love

today, we gather here to open your heart and release your passion.

today, we gather here, which will become an ocean of joy and let happiness ring through the clouds

common wishes and goals, let's meet here.

now let's welcome president Zhang of Yantian door industry Co., Ltd. to deliver an opening speech for this annual meeting -

the just past 2018 is a year for the company to carry forward the past and usher in the future.

we have been through trials and tribulations all the way. Thank you for your hard work and the hard work of your leaders and family members,

thank you for your full support, so that we are full of confidence in the future

looking back on 2018,

our company has a good momentum of development this year, and has made encouraging achievements

looking back at each of our achievements,

embodies the painstaking efforts of the company's leadership,

is permeated with the hard sweat of all our employees,

here, let's say to all employees, "everyone is working hard!"

people are Yantian's first asset. In the past year,

they have made the best comments on this sentence with practical actions

they are conscientious and conscientious.

with full enthusiasm and positive working attitude,

they have won the high appreciation of leaders and colleagues.

they fully interpret Yantian people's spirit of loving their jobs and dedication and constant self-improvement.

they also set an example for the majority of employees to learn

let's welcome with warm applause:

excellent employees take the stage to accept the award

manager Kuang awarded honorary certificates to outstanding employees in 2018

president Zhang awarded bonuses to outstanding employees in 2018

there are also a group of people in the company,

they work actively and follow the arrangement of leaders,

they bear a large workload and have high completion efficiency,

they believe that as long as they work hard, they can make progress,

although they are not perfect, they strive to change

now let's welcome Chongqing Yantian door industry 2018 ―

employees who actively improve to take the stage to receive the award

Manager Kuang awarded the certificate to the employees who won the positive progress award in 2018. President Zhang awarded the bonus to the employees who won the positive progress award in 2018. Let's express our heartfelt congratulations and sincere thanks to them with warm applause

all award-winning employees take a group photo with President Zhang

next, enter the wonderful lottery session:

one first prize

two second prizes

three third prizes

first, draw three third prizes

winners: Zhou Dingquan, Zhang Gaorong, Xiang Weiying

then draw two second prizes

winners: Xie cuiqin, Liu Hanbin

last.First prize winner: Zhu Chaobing

all The winners took a group photo with President Zhang as a souvenir.

the unforgettable 2018 is getting farther and farther away.

the expected 2019 is firmly coming to us.

we have reason to believe that in 2019,

under the correct guidance of the company's senior leaders,

all staff unite around president Zhang as the core,

work with one heart, forge ahead, explore and innovate,

our company will surely write a more brilliant new chapter

today's summary and commendation meeting is over.

thank you again for your participation

the dinner party officially begins at 6 p.m.


feel this steamed stuffed bun about the size of a small Weaver.

it's very delicious. You don't need to eat anything else after eating it

let's raise our glasses:

to a happy life,

to a beautiful dream,

to a brilliant tomorrow,


our school is excellent,

let's work hard together





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