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Take off your suit, put on casual clothes, pick up tools, DIY oneortwo pieces of simple furniture by yourself, which is not only fun, but also a good way to save money

take off your suit, put on casual clothes, pick up tools, DIY oneortwo simple furniture by yourself, which is not only fun, but also a good way to save money

although we are used to the one-stop package service of home decoration companies and the industrial products with high quality and low price in the home market, saving money is becoming a key word in many people's lives this year

say goodbye to the idea that everything depends on skilled workers. Sometimes, a small manual or some simple common sense can help us complete some transformation. All you need to pay is some time, simple operation and patience

we use 12 ways of home DIY (do it yourself) and 12 ways of saving money to explore a more economical way of home

painting the wall seems complicated, but it's not too difficult in practice. You can start with a little practice

in the context of economic downturn, saving money has become the main theme of many people's lives. Although the impulse to buy whatever you like in the home market can be restrained, people will never stop thinking about decorating their homes and improving their living environment

if you want to change the color of the house, or want to redecorate the lifeless wall with wallpaper, have you ever thought of finishing it by yourself. Say goodbye to the idea that everything depends on skilled workers. Sometimes, a small manual or some simple common sense can help us complete some transformation. All you need to pay is some time, simple operation and patience

in addition, some home experts can also try to carry out more transformation. For example, if the furniture they bought has faded and gone out of shape after a few years, they can paint it and transform it, change its shape, and label it with personality while saving money

in this age of saving money, use DIY to give yourself a fashionable reason to save money

[foundation construction]

1 paint yourself and change colors for your home

technical content: ★★★★ tools: flat bristle brush, pencil, wool board brush, large paint brush, scraper, roller, sandpaper, ladder, etc.

key steps: before painting, the surface of the area to be painted should be treated first, and then it can be painted after it is dry and polished with sandpaper

the general rule of painting is from left to right, from top to bottom, from inside to outside, from difficult to easy. In the process of paint brushing, the running speed should be consistent and the force should be uniform. When painting the upper part, the action should be fast, thin brush several times to prevent sagging. At the end of brushing or during the rest, the brush should be soaked in solvent or washed and dried

popular colors: today's popular colors are yellow representing the earth, green representing health and blue representing freshness. Green, in particular, is still the mainstay of popular colors in the bedroom. Neutral shades of vicissitudes of life, bark green, mustard green, moss green and other light plant color systems, mix and match a light and modern style, but also contain retro elements

calculation of saving money: the labor cost of wall painting will mostly be between 18 yuan and 30 yuan/square meter, but if you want to change the color and color matching, you need to pay extra money, and if there are special treatments, you also need to pay extra money

precautions: Generally speaking, most coatings are required to be used under normal temperature (20 ~ 25 ℃), and the humidity of the site is also very important. The coating should be painted under normal humidity or slightly dry conditions

2 wallpaper with patterns to increase the charm of the room

technical content: ★★★★ tools: about 15cm wide wool brush, roller, scraper

key steps: before pasting wallpaper, you should fill the cracks and pits on the wall and try to clean the room first. In addition, it is best to apply a layer of glue on the wall first. Please refer to the instructions on the wallpaper for what kind of glue to apply

first take a roll of wallpaper, see the direction of the pattern, and decide which direction is up. Then take the top of the skirting line as the starting point, measure the height of the wall with a steel tape, measure several places, take the maximum value, and add 4 inches as the two ends for trimming. Then lay the wallpaper on the table, apply adhesive, face down, measure the length, draw a line on the back with a pencil, and then cut the wallpaper along the line with scissors. Then, turn over the cut wallpaper, unfold the rest of the wallpaper and align it with the corners and patterns of the wallpaper on the opposite side. Take the first wallpaper as the standard, cut off the second wallpaper. Repeat the above steps to cut a batch of wallpaper and write the pasting sequence on the back

popular colors: hand drawn wallpaper, natural style and simple charm will be the main trend indicators in the future

calculation of saving money: Generally speaking, the sticker fee is 30-50 yuan for a small roll and 70-100 yuan for a large roll; If calculated in square meters, the price ranges from 5-15 yuan

precautions: wallpaper coated with adhesive should be placed for a period of time according to the instructions on the package to absorb the moisture in the adhesive. Thin wallpapers and vinyl wallpapers can be pasted on the wall immediately after the adhesive is applied, while thicker Wallpapers usually need to be placed for 10 to 15 minutes. Wallpaper should be pasted from the adjacent wall of the main window, from the light to the dark

the partition made of wood window has a different style

old furniture that has faded can be painted with new paint to give play to waste heat

[renovation of old goods]

3 partition of old flower windows

technical content (star): ★★★★★ tool preparation: expansion screws, old flower windows, hooks

steps: first, search for a few old flower windows in the junk market, clean them, polish them according to your hobbies to form an antique surface effect, and then put expansion screws and hooks on the top surface that needs to be installed with a porch, fix several flower windows, and the bottom can be hung by yourself, Form a unique porch

calculation of saving money: a new porch is very troublesome to do, and the price is not low, at least more than 2000 yuan

refitting price of old furniture = old door frame (you don't have to spend money on your own, and it's within 200 yuan in the junk market) + expansion screws and hooks within 20 yuan

precautions: because the wooden window has a certain weight, it must be fixed when it is fixed to the top surface. If you want to make a fixed porch, you can fix the flower window on the ground directly with ground nails

4 old furniture refresh paint

technical content: ★★★★ tool preparation: strong paint remover, rubber gloves, new paint

steps: the old wooden side cabinet with old color and paint surface wants to make it youthful. You can first take off the paint surface with a strong paint remover (you can also polish it with sandpaper, but it is laborious). After the paint surface is taken off, clean the surface of the old furniture and apply paint. You can also choose to polish with wax after the paint is dry

calculation of saving money: a side cabinet costs at least thousands of yuan. The price of changing paint for old furniture = old furniture (you don't have to spend money on your own, and the shopping in the secondhand market is generally within 100 yuan) + strong paint remover (15-30 yuan) + rubber gloves (10 yuan) + new paint (100-200 yuan) = about 300 yuan

precautions: paint remover is sold online and in paint shops. Remember to wear rubber gloves or other protective gloves even if it is not harmful to the skin. Generally, paint remover belongs to strong acid or strong alkaline substances, It is easy to burn if it touches the skin

5 changing old furniture into children's furniture

technical content: ★ tool preparation: electric saw, old tea table, chair

steps: the children's room at home needs small desks and chairs. Re adding is not only worried that you can't buy very good furniture, but also worried that the new furniture will damage children's health. It's very good to use old furniture for refitting. Children are low in height. Cut off the old tea table and chair legs with an electric saw along the appropriate height and put them in the children's room. If you feel that the desktop is not good-looking, you can wrap the table and chair with cloth to make a soft desk and chair

calculation of saving money: a new set of children's desks and chairs should be at least 2000 yuan. Refitting price of old furniture = old furniture (you don't have to spend money on your own) + small chainsaw (within 100 yuan) + fabric art (you don't need to spend money on your own old curtains or old bedsheets)

precautions: it's best to refit old solid wood furniture, and the old panel furniture must be sealed after being cut, otherwise it is easy to emit flavor and pollute the indoor environment

6 redundant tiles for decoration

technical content: ★★

tool preparation: cement powder, mallet, etc.

steps: you can break and reorganize some of your favorite and remaining tiles, and then add them when laying tiles to increase artistic beauty. During paving, the site shall be cleaned up, and an appropriate amount of water shall be sprinkled first to facilitate construction. First, cement and sand shall be mixed into mortar in the ratio of 1:3, and then a wooden ruler about one meter long shall be used for priming. The mortar shall be thoroughly troweled, and then the setting out line shall be connected, and then the cement powder shall be sprinkled on the construction ground

mix the cement powder evenly and sprinkle a small amount of cement powder again to increase the adhesion with cement mortar. The paving shall be carried out after the base is solidified. At this time, the tiles can be broken and put together, and then gently pushed by hand to balance the brick bottom and the veneer, so as to facilitate the discharge of bubbles, and then gently tap the brick surface with the hammer handle, so that the brick bottom can fully eat the slurry, so as to avoid hollowing. Then knock the brick surface with a wooden mallet until it is flat; At the same time, measure with a level ruler to ensure that the tiles are paved horizontally. After pasting, fill and scrape the brick joints with joint sealant

calculation of saving money: it's uncertain, and some expenses of tiles can be saved

precautions: after the product is paved for about 12 hours, knock the brick surface with a wooden mallet in time to check whether there is hollowing between the floor tiles. Walk 24 hours after all bricks are pasted

■ soft decoration

7 old curtains as table and chair covers

technical content: ★★★★★★ tools: old curtains, scissors, needle and thread, cloth ends

steps: after the unwanted curtains are removed and cleaned, cut out the required cloth and shape according to the measured size of the desktop and chair surface, and then select the appropriate cloth as lace. The seat covers need to be fixed with belts. The remaining cloth ends of the curtains can be used as belts to ensure color unity

calculation of saving money: the fabric decorative cover of one table and four chairs needs at least hundreds of yuan. Old curtain reconstruction = old curtain (self provided) + a pair of scissors (5 yuan) + needle and thread (5 yuan) + suitable rag head (used clothes)

precautions: of course, to make a good table and chair cover, you need to have good manual skills. If the craft is really bad, you can take the cloth and your own cutting scheme and ask the tailor to help

8 waste cloth head for decorative painting

technical content: ★★★ tools: old cloth head, glue, 8-inch photo frame, scissors

steps: find a simple and beautiful children's picture book, and select a beautiful picture as the original picture. Find a cloth with the right color, cut it into blocks according to the pattern on the album, stick it on a piece of paper with glue according to the pattern, and then clip it into the picture frame as a whole and hang it on the wall, which becomes a beautiful decoration. If you have artistic talent, you can imagine the pattern content yourself

calculation of saving money: all kinds of art decorative paintings in stores are surprisingly expensive. Cloth sticker =8-inch photo frame (within 30 yuan) + old cloth head (no money) + glue 2 yuan + a pair of Scissors 5 yuan =within 40 yuan

precautions: it is best not to choose particularly complex patterns, and the simple strokes on children's picture books are the best. Other patterns with simple strokes, large color patterns and gorgeous colors are also good. This small decoration is suitable for rural style rooms or





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