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Following the signing of 9 franchised stores in April 2015, Erica customized wardrobe took advantage of the trend and added many new members from May to June 2015, signing 10 franchised stores in a centralized manner. The national service online stores have been further expanded and set a new record again

"change because of you" is the consistent design concept of Erica wardrobe. The best quality is the enterprise principle that Erica wardrobe adheres to so far. Holding the most sincere gratitude to customers and providing customers with the best service is the code of conduct that Erica wardrobe has always pursued. The customized wardrobe with novel style, personalized shape, changeable storage, excellent quality and meticulous enterprise service have been recognized and loved by more and more consumers. In order to meet the needs of more consumers for Erica's customized wardrobe and expand the brand influence, business elites from different regions chose Erica among many customized brands, which is the brand glory of Erica's customized wardrobe and the pride of Erica people

from May to June 2015, Erica joined hands with successful people from 10 different regions across the country, namely: Mengzhou, Henan, Cangxi, Sichuan, Zhangye, Gansu, Hengshui, Hebei, Longchang, Shanxi Guxian, Zhouzhi, Shaanxi, Huize, Yunnan, Panzhihua, Sichuan, Hancheng, Shaanxi. They will all become the link between Erica's customized wardrobe and the majority of consumers in the future, providing the best service for local consumers. We believe that with their participation, Erica's customized wardrobe will become stronger and stronger, and more elites will become members of Erica's family in the future

since its establishment, Erica customized wardrobe has always paid attention to the quality of products, not only in the selection of suppliers; In the world's most advanced equipment - Haomai automatic production center; We are at the forefront of the industry in the employment of highly skilled employees, and we take talent training and marketing management as our top priority

this year, on the basis of investing a lot of money to expand production capacity, introduce equipment and improve technology, Erica has also increased its brand promotion plan, promoted products and improved brand influence. Due to the solid internal skills and accumulated knowledge, the publicity has been strengthened, which immediately produced great results, and the popularity has been improved again and again. Even if Erica wardrobe does not participate in any industry exhibitions, it can attract many people to visit the enterprise headquarters to discuss the joining matters





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