Four major decoration accessories should not be ch

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The four major decoration accessories should not be cheap

>& gt;& gt; You decoration experience: materials that can and cannot be saved

home decoration experts remind that in order to save money, some owners only pay attention to spending money on decorative materials, and do everything possible to save on those materials that have no decorative effect. This is a misunderstanding. In the process of home decoration, some local money cannot be saved

circuit - all wires and auxiliary materials must use qualified products, all sockets and switches must come from regular manufacturers, and the distribution box must be installed with leakage protectors and constructed by professional electricians. Only in this way can we ensure the normal use of household appliances and the safety of life and property in the future

waterways - valves, taps and other consumables used every day. Spend more than 100 yuan to buy trusted brand products. Water pipes and accessories should use brand products with quality assurance, which can bring convenience to future life

hardware accessories - the door lock must be opened and closed freely with good spring force, otherwise it may cause an embarrassing situation that it is difficult to enter the door. The drawer guide rail is of good quality to ensure that the drawer can be pulled flexibly

similarly, the quality of the handle cannot be ignored, otherwise it will be unstable or easy to fade. Do not use hinges for furniture cabinet doors, but use famous brand hinges

decorative adhesive materials - the quality of decorative adhesive materials such as latex, glass adhesive, cement and quick drying adhesive should be carefully selected. For example, as the framework of furniture cabinet door, the quality of the plate must be high, so that the cabinet door will not deform

experts remind owners that they must not save money in home decoration. Only in this way can we avoid the inconvenience after decoration and avoid potential safety hazards




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