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Everyone hopes to spend less money and do big things. The process of home decoration is very troublesome, and it is estimated that everyone agrees. So how can we spend the least money to achieve the best decoration effect? How to avoid

everyone hopes to spend less money and do big things. The process of home decoration is very troublesome, and it is estimated that everyone agrees. So how can we spend the least money to achieve the best decoration effect? How to avoid some traps, misunderstandings and unnecessary disputes in decoration? Seven tips to help you

1 when planning the interior layout, we must repeatedly discuss the overall style with the designer, and we must think deeply about the design and transformation. We must know that the most afraid thing in the process of home decoration is rework, which will delay the construction period. If we don't say, the budget of repair, modification and transformation will also go up

2 the floor is suitable for you. Why do you say so? First of all, let's take a look at the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of material flooring: solid wood flooring advantages: environmental protection, beauty, comfort disadvantages: easy to deform, difficult to care for, high price, suitable for rich people to use!! Advantages of solid wood composite floor: beautiful, comfortable, durable, easy to maintain, moderate price disadvantages: formed by pressing the inner core plate, there will be a small amount of formaldehyde residue, which is suitable for people who have no money to use!! Advantages of laminate flooring: wear resistance, stability, cheap disadvantages: high formaldehyde content, fear of water, poor foot feel, suitable for people who don't want to spend money and have to spend money on flooring! High cost performance! In Xiaobian's view, composite solid wood flooring has both comfort and style, and the price is relatively moderate. It is not easy to deform and easy to take care of. It is more suitable for most families. In terms of brand selection, the manufacturing process of the major brand flooring on the market is not much different, so you can reasonably choose the price you can afford. 3. It is suggested that the toilet should be divided into dry and wet areas. Whether it is installing a shower or opening a shower room separately, dry and wet separation must be done. Although cleaning will be a little troublesome, if you can get water when you don't take a bath, you will regret why you didn't do separation! It will cost a lot to change again

in addition, Xiaobian reminded that it is best not to use the shower curtain. It seems that the shower curtain does not occupy space and feels very spacious. However, you will find that it can't effectively separate dry and wet at all, and if it is used for a long time, bacteria will breed because the shower curtain is wet for a long time. 4. Be careful about concealed works. If the hydropower project is not done well, many problems will be created. I don't think you want to encounter enough reserved sockets, more or less reserved wires, too much budget of wires and water pipes, and so on

in addition, you can either take photos by yourself or ask the construction team for the circuit diagram after completion. After all, you have to nail and punch holes in the later soft installation. If the line is broken, it is easy to beat your chest and feet by disassembling it for repair and paying money

5 cabinet it is recommended to customize the custom wardrobe. The custom wardrobe is better than the industrial wood wardrobe in that the edge sealing is perfect, it is more environmentally friendly, the board is also guaranteed, and the space utilization rate is high. The same is true for cabinets. The integrated kitchen is the best and most cost-effective way. If you go to the manufacturer to order cabinets directly, the price can be much cheaper

6 the walls should not be colorful. You know, Chinese people still advocate simplicity and beauty in their hearts. In terms of cost, color paint is relatively much more expensive, and if you use wallpaper, you must use glue. Then, we return to the problem that we can't get around formaldehyde. We dismantle it and redo it, and the money is wasted &hellip& hellip; Wall, simple is good

7 look at more household appliances. Now online shopping is too developed, and Xiaobian doesn't say much. It can save a lot of money to shop around and have a look! And many home decoration building materials malls will also be cheaper in the same model. It depends on whether you can find it safely. If you save 200 per piece, all electrical appliances add up to save a bed, isn't it laborious

how to spend the least money to achieve the most perfect decoration effect, so that the money can be spent on the cutting edge, so that the cost performance of home decoration can reach the highest, should be the most concerned thing of most owners at present. However, I still want to remind you that you can't save parts such as waterproof and concealed works. After all, considering the long-term use, high investment is equal to high cost performance in these places




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