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Cause analysis and Countermeasures for cracks in coke proof box of industrial boiler During the operation of the industrial boiler, the operator found that there was white steam in the furnace. After the emergency shutdown of the boiler, it was found that the left coke box had cracks and leakage. Due to the tight production task of the plant, the front section of the anti coking box was replaced and repaired without clear investigation of the cause of the accident, and was put into production quickly after repair. In May, 2000, the same accident happened to the right anti coke box of the furnace, and because the production was urgent, table 4 continued to be put into operation after the right anti coke box was repaired in the same way. In July, 2001, at least 5% of the packaging consumables can be saved on the left side of the furnace. The crack penetration and leakage occurred again in the anti coke box, which is strikingly similar to the last two accidents. In the same situation, the same location, continuous accidents have caused great economic losses to the plant. In order to effectively eliminate the hidden danger of the accident and avoid the recurrence of the accident, I have investigated and analyzed the accident. Now the relevant information is introduced as follows for the reference of colleagues

I. accident overview

the boiler is a double horizontal drum chain grate bulk water tube boiler, which was manufactured in September 1995 and put into operation in May 1996. The rated evaporation capacity is 10t/h, the service pressure is 1.0MPa, and the coke prevention box is made of 20 seamless steel tubes with the specification of φ one hundred and fifty-nine × 8mm; The crack Center (as shown in Figure 1) is about 682mm away from the first water-cooled wall pipe. The cracks are distributed in a circular direction (as shown in Figure 2) on the outer surface of the anti coke box. The manufacturing technology level and overall strength are further improved on the fire side. The crack area is 600mm long and 60mm wide. There is a 400 hole above the crack Center × 400mm dial fire door with good oxidation resistance


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