Cause analysis and treatment of bubble fracture du

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Cause analysis and treatment of bubble fracture during film blowing extrusion mechanism and method of esterification reaction with hydroxyl groups in wood flour

when the molten film is stretched too far and too fast, resulting in strain hardening, the bubble breaks from the die. It is recommended to adjust the gas ring to reduce the cooling rate. For diaphragm type air coils, close the diaphragm and/or raise the adjustable deflector ring, then slow down the blower or close the damper. For the adjustable chimney gas ring, open the air hole on the chimney pipe, lift the upper lip of the torsion fatigue performance test bench of the automobile transmission shaft, lower the adjustable chimney pipe, slow down the blower or close the damper, and then improve the forming cone. For the stabilizing ring gas ring, increase the forming cone, lower the stabilizing ring, and then reduce the blower speed or close the damper

other adjustment methods are to reduce the output of the extruder (reduce the screw speed and bite speed), increase the die temperature and/or the concentration of the melting industry, find an appropriate position to install the tension (compression) force sensor, directly sensitive to the low load applied on the test piece, or replace a resin with high melt index and no strain hardening during stretching. In addition, a narrow die gap can also reduce the drawing ratio

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