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Plastic cup aseptic packaging technology

after China's economic take-off, the society of labor division is changing its eating habits. Such a huge market will have to face the problems of long-distance transportation and extending the shelf life of food. Predictably, food and packaging systems are inseparable. Secondly, we must also take into account the food supply chain and nutritional quality. Therefore, a set of production line that can not only provide economic and people-oriented production, but also meet the quality assurance requirements is widely expected

adjust measures to local conditions

German hisia company combines the above needs and designs various equipment according to different packaging methods. These equipment also have the characteristics of efficient production, and can process up to 15 tons of products per hour

China has a vast territory, and goods must be transported over long distances. In addition, China's current cold chain network is not perfect. If a cold storage system is adopted, it must ensure that a reliable cold chain is formed in all links of transportation, distribution and storage. This not only greatly increases the cost of products, but also easily makes the food bear the serious pollution caused by the accidental destruction of the cold chain. The company's steam aseptic packaging system can guarantee the quality of food for up to one year without refrigeration, thus greatly reducing product costs and increasing market competitiveness. In fact, this kind of aseptic packaging has become very popular in the United States with the increase of experimental power

aseptic packaging and low bacteria packaging

aseptic packaging

aseptic packaging is suitable for packaging sterile, low acid products (pH> 4.5), and it does not need to be refrigerated in the process of transportation and storage, which will not breed bacteria and cause product deterioration

low bacteria and pollution-free packaging

generally, the pH value of acidic products is less than 4.5, and only yeast and mold can cause damage to such products. In this case, it is enough to adopt low bacteria and pollution-free packaging, which can not only save costs, but also prevent the packaging materials from being damaged by yeast and mold in the process of molding, filling and sealing. While preventing product pollution, it also extends the shelf life of products

working mechanism of steam aseptic packaging machine

using the company's filling system, liquid

products or similar products with particles can be packaged under aseptic conditions. Through the physical reaction and heat treatment process of steam sterilization, the sterile packaging equipment can fully heat microorganisms and spores to achieve sterility

first of all, the entire surface of the packaging material is sterilized by steam, which costs less and does not need any chemical medium. The continuous high temperature produced by steam pressure can make the bacterial index of packaging materials fully meet the world's VDMA and FDA production standards for sterile packaging machines. The bottom material of the plastic cup is preheated and molded in the molding station

aseptic treatment is carried out in the aseptic area from the bottom of the coiled material. Through the sterile air blower, the internal air pressure is higher than the outside, while avoiding the cost of extracting air from the high-pressure device

the cover material and cup cover are pre sealed and finally fully sealed through the sterile locking channel to ensure fair information disclosure, effectively preventing re pollution and ensuring the sterility of product packaging. As for any empty cup and non sterilized plastic cup, it can be automatically removed after cutting. If the steam pressure, temperature, channel pressure and other problems occur, the computer system will automatically stop working

using saturated hot steam to separate the high-pressure sterile filter and filling system without two clamps and stretch the sample bacteria at a fixed speed can make the channel area completely dry and maintain a pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure, so as to prevent external pollution. It is worth mentioning that all aseptic processes of the company's packaging machine are completely controlled automatically, and the working parameters and production failure status can be clearly displayed on the screen

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