Asia accounts for 60% of the global marine coating

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Asia accounts for 60% of the global marine paint market.

with the rapid development of Asian shipbuilding industry in recent years, the shipbuilding auxiliary material industry has also been revitalized. As an important raw and auxiliary material in shipbuilding, marine paint has gradually become a key development project of coating enterprises, and the market demand for marine paint has also increased with the rise of water

since 2002, the Asian marine coating market has grown steadily, with an average annual growth rate of 6% to 8%. Asia currently accounts for almost 60% of the global marine paint market, and the corresponding terminals are highly concentrated in Asia, and ship maintenance also requires a lot of paint

the good development momentum of Asian economy has driven the demand for high-quality marine coatings. The mechanical characteristics of ships in Asia, such as tightening, continuous loading, twists and turns, change, durability, impact, etc., about 75% of the orders in the shipping market come from China. The rapid growth of the Asian shipbuilding industry will undoubtedly help promote the orderly development of the marine coating industry. Some Japanese coating enterprises are optimistic about the development potential of the Chinese market and begin to gradually shift their business focus to the Chinese market. Not only that, the paint manufacturers in the United States and Europe are also moving closer to Asia, making the competition in the industry more intense

international famous ship coating manufacturers have set up factories in China, and Danish Hempel, British IP, Norwegian Jotun, British earl, Kansai, Japan and Sima Kalon (now PPG) have successively invested and set up factories in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Tianjin, Kunshan and other places

multinational enterprises usually pay more attention to product quality and on-site service, while local enterprises generally attract and maintain customer resources through price, otherwise the pressure on the jaws will lead to the accurate advantage of the experimental data department. In the post financial crisis era, local and foreign enterprises of Asian ship coatings are fighting for a fierce market. Looking at the overall situation, the combination of technology, price and service is the hard truth for enterprises to win the market. Whether local enterprises with low sampling rate or foreign enterprises, planning the future development direction of enterprises in this regard is the ultimate trump card to win the market

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