As of the first ten days of September, the export

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As of the first ten days of September, the export of Jiangmen wooden furniture increased by 46.95% year-on-year

as of the first ten days of September, the export of Jiangmen wooden furniture increased by 46.95% year-on-year

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in 2017, Jiangmen inspection and quarantine bureau gave full play to the advantages of inspection and quarantine functions in combination with the fact that the registration of export wooden enterprises in its jurisdiction expired and the renewal of certificates were relatively centralized, Strengthen quality publicity, help export wooden enterprises deal with technical trade measures, and boost quality improvement. As of early September 2017, Jiangmen inspection and Quarantine Bureau had inspected and quarantined 5186 batches of exported wooden furniture, with a year-on-year increase of 46.95%; The export value was US $125 million, with a year-on-year increase of 7.33%. The products are mainly wooden cabinets, office desks, sofas, beds, jewelry cabinets, vegetable cutting boards, toilet covers, etc. they are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Hong Kong and Macao and other countries or regions

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as of the first ten days of September, the export of Jiangmen wooden furniture increased by 46.95% year-on-year.

for the export wooden furniture production enterprises, the renewal of certificates upon expiration is relatively concentrated, and most of them are small and micro enterprises. They lack understanding of the regulations and standards of importing countries, and are difficult to deal with the increasingly stringent technical measures of major importing countries. Jiangmen inspection and Quarantine Bureau formulated a work plan at the beginning of this year. While ensuring the smooth completion of the certificate replacement work, it took a variety of assistance measures. Through the joint efforts of both inspection and enterprises, the quality of Jiangmen exported wooden furniture was improved and exports increased significantly. First, enhance the awareness of enterprises as the first person. Inspection and quarantine personnel make use of daily supervision, on-site inspection, and "quality month" activities to frequently publicize and guide enterprises to pay more attention to product quality and safety. The second is to strengthen the research and response of foreign technical trade measures, regularly carry out the impact investigation of technical trade measures, and timely explain the relevant policies and standards at home and abroad to enterprises, such as the formaldehyde standard act of composite wood products of the United States, the REACH regulations of the European Union, and the construction benchmark law of Japan, which ultimately constitute a stable fence type aluminum lead alloy composite anode plate products, and strive to improve the ability of enterprises to respond to foreign technical measures. Third, enter the enterprise and provide precise assistance. Go deep into the enterprise, carefully review the production environment, process flow, supplier files, traceability management and certification verification of important raw and auxiliary materials, investigate the potential quality and safety hazards and quarantine risks of the enterprise, guide the enterprise to establish and improve the "account" of raw and auxiliary materials acceptance and use, epidemic prevention and disinfection, traceability management and product export, improve the epidemic prevention and control and quality management level, and promote the improvement of product quality. From January to early September this year, Jiangmen inspection and Quarantine Bureau completed the examination of certificate renewal for about 60 enterprises whose registration expired, accounting for more than half of the registered production enterprises of bamboo, wood and grass products exported from the jurisdiction

Jiangmen inspection and Quarantine Bureau adheres to the principle of paying equal attention to quality control and service, carefully changes its specific composition within a certain range, implements the 12 character policy of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China "focusing on quality, ensuring safety, promoting development and strengthening quality inspection", goes deep into the grass-roots level, investigates and listens to the aspirations of enterprises, follows up local development needs, seriously solves problems with strong flexibility, and constantly improves the quality and level of service, Promote the large-scale development of local characteristic products and product transformation and upgrading. For many years, the wooden furniture exported under the jurisdiction of Jiangmen inspection and Quarantine Bureau has never experienced excessive formaldehyde, heavy metals and other toxic and harmful substances or quarantine problems, and has always maintained the good image and brand of Jiangmen exported wooden furniture in the international market

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