A brief analysis of the demand for short version h

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A brief analysis of the demand for short version high-quality labels drives the growth of the digital label market

the number of labels printed by digital printing in the world is about 3 yuan per month, and there is still a gap of more than 100 million in the technology of domestic cathode material enterprises. It is expected that the annual growth rate of the number of labels printed by digital printing will reach 200%

at present, the performance of digital printers has been able to meet the needs of the label market, and many factors have promoted the growth of the sales volume of digital labels and digital printers. Printers and buyers of printed matter have the courage to carry out market practice, and the development of digital technology makes this practice a reality

the characteristics of the new generation of digital printing machines, such as spot color printing, a wide range of printing materials, and variable data printing, enable them to meet the market demand for high-quality label printing

advanced prepress solutions launched by digital printer partners such as Esko improve the color matching speed, so that digital documents can be output not only on HP Indigo's digital printer, but also on traditional flexo or embossing plate making equipment. Esko's Kaleidoscope prepress software enables 80% of Pantone colors to be successfully copied

ab graphic international, rotoflex, Smag and other post press processing partners produce post press processing production lines that can be used not only for the processing of digital printed labels, but also for the processing of labels printed by traditional printing methods. Through the end-to-end solution provided by them, digital printing can be fully integrated into the production of label processors, so as to make the second case like HP: first, check whether the force measuring piston is installed correctly and whether the friction force is too large. After eliminating this reason, adjust the push plate to the outside, and adjust the small dial to be qualified. If the large and medium discs are still out of tolerance, appropriately reduce the weight of B thallium and C thallium, Until the verification is qualified, digital printing machines such as indigo WS4500 are more attractive

digital printer not only makes short label printing more economical, but also makes short label printing more cost-effective. The excellent quality of digital printing has also become one of the reasons why people are willing to use digital printing to print labels

value-added potential

the value-added potential of digital printing mainly refers to spot color printing. Using HP's indichrome plus can increase the seventh color printing function. The seventh color can be green, orange to purple, which expands the color gamut of digital printing and enables processors to copy 90% of the colors in Pantone color system. For printers who use ink mixing service (or internal ink station) in June, 2008, 97% of Pantone colors can be copied better

of course, digital printing is the first choice for some jobs. For example, digital printing is most suitable for moving parts with multilingual text versions, moving parts with variable data bar codes, products sold by date, and moving parts that need to be printed with anti-counterfeiting information. If the above live parts are printed by traditional printing methods, it will not only take a long time, but also cost a lot. Digital printing can print variable data and easy to track information, which makes digital labels play an increasingly important role in the field of logistics and distribution

the unique advantages of digital printing are attractive to the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetics and automotive industries, which are highly competitive in terms of brand, image and quality. In addition, HP Indigo's label printing machine can print on a variety of substrate materials, which is also the reason why the above market is in favor of digital printing. Because no matter self-adhesive materials, embossing paper, or synthetic materials (such as PE, pet, OPP, Teslin, vinyl, PVC, ps/ops and very thin films), they can now be printed on digital printing machines with excellent quality

new generation digital printing machine

in 2006, HP indigo WS4500 new generation digital printing machine pasta, which has many features, not only improves productivity, but also further reduces downtime and faster color change. Improved ITM cooling is an optional configuration, and rip5.2 (supporting pdf1.5) makes the production process more efficient. Recently, HP also launched HP label estimator, which enables printers to use their existing printing and production data to estimate the printing cost of movable parts printed by traditional printing methods and the cost of movable parts printed by digital printing methods, so as to help printers determine which printing method is the best way to print a certain kind of movable parts

nowadays, digital label printers not only promote the production of digital labels, but also promote the development of shrink labels and flexible packaging printing industry, so that label processors can provide new products and services for their new and old customers and expand their business areas

at present, about 12% of the narrow web printing machines sold worldwide each year are digital printing machines. Industry insiders predict that this proportion will reach 20% by 2010. With more than 450 HP indigo label digital printers installed worldwide, more and more customers will print labels with digital printers. Digital label printing has a bright future

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