Aseptic packaging of the hottest Japanese tofu and

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Aseptic packaging of Japanese tofu and bean products

the new packaged tofu in Japan is not only convenient to eat, with good appearance quality, serious homogenization, smooth surface and beautiful texture, but also can be stored in high temperature conditions for 3 months without deterioration

production method the new packaged tofu is to pour the detoxified coagulant and the sterilized soymilk above 60 ℃ into a non-toxic container under sterile conditions, seal it on the spot and let it stand for more than 3 minutes, so that the bubbles mixed with soymilk disappear, and the soymilk solidifies and heats up

the whole grouting machine is set in a sterile room, and the storage box and container equipment of the grouting machine, as well as various devices for grouting and sealing are in a sterile state

soymilk and coagulant can be filled at the same time, or the coagulant can be filled first and then soymilk

soymilk must be filled when it is above 60 ℃. Soymilk will not solidify when it is less than 60 ℃. Strictly speaking, coagulant also has problems at this temperature, but soymilk has little effect when it is small. In fact, it is OK to only master the temperature of soymilk. In operation, the temperature of soymilk is best controlled at about 80 ~ 98 ℃. When the temperature is less than 80 ℃, the solidification speed is only slow. The filling speed is 300 grams of soymilk in 3 ~ 15 seconds, and a small amount of bubbles will be mixed if the time is too long

seal the soymilk immediately after filling

if the solidification is incomplete, it can also be heated by a heating tank with a quality assurance period of about 3 years at 80 ~ 95 ℃

such solidified soymilk can be molded by physical impact under high temperature. The specific method is to drop 5 ~ 30 cm and gently tap the side of the container. This operation must be carried out by taking advantage of the heat. Once it is cold, it will have no effect

finally put it in the cooling tank to cool, and then get this product

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