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Packaging aseptic filling technology

in recent years, China's beer industry has introduced the production of draft beer, which uses low-temperature membrane filtration technology to remove residual microorganisms such as yeast in beer, so that it has a refreshing and fresh taste. Pure draft beer is produced through sterile brewing, bacteria free filtration and bacteria free packaging, and the whole production process needs to be strictly sterile. This article introduces some experience of yuanmu packaging, which is for reference only

I. sterile packaging equipment

bottled sterile packaging equipment (German KHS company). The process flow is as follows

bottle cap sterilizer

sake → membrane filtration system → wine filling machine → bottle warming machine → labeling machine → packing machine

bottle washing machine → bottle inspection machine → sterilized bottle ← steam generator

second, the basic idea of sterile packaging

in sterile packaging, we must recognize the following points:

1. Understand the importance of microbial management and health management, and establish the awareness of meta bacteria

2. microorganisms in sterilized beer should be zero

3. prevent the occurrence of secondary pollution and do a good job of microorganisms in the surrounding environment. The machine adopts hydraulic system to apply experimental force for detection

according to the above basic idea, we have been producing bottled draft beer stably for a long time

III. specific scheme of sterile packaging

1. Cleaning and sterilization of the environment inside the packaging

2. Cleaning and sterilization of the external environment of the package

3. Sterilization of sterile packaging materials and auxiliary supplies

4. Training of operators

5. microbial detection

* cleaning and sterilization of the internal environment of the package

the internal environment includes: low temperature membrane filtration system, pipelines and valves, wine filling machine, bottle washing machine

① low temperature membrane filtration: 1) preparation: clean the membrane filtration system with CIP acid-base program, and then conduct integrity test well to record the test pressure difference to ensure the safety of filtration. 2) Sterilization: use 85-95 ℃ hot water to circulate in the direction of filtration for 30 minutes, and then fill it with 85 ℃ hot water to keep the pressure for standby. 3) Filtration: empty the filter with CO2 and pressurize it with CO2 for beer filtration. 4) Regeneration and maintenance after filtration: clean it with CIP acid-base program after filtration, and then empty the filter and fill it with CO2

② liquor conveying pipeline and valve: the pipeline and valve are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean. CIP acid and alkali are used for cleaning and sterilization

③ wine filling machine: clean the wine jar, vacuum channel and back pressure channel with CIP acid-base program, and clean them with chemical agents every week. Due to the complex structure of the wine machine surface and capping machine, it is easy to hide dirt and breed bacteria. The manufacturer should add the corresponding control system, so it is necessary to combine manual washing with high-pressure sterile water washing, and then kill the bacteria with bactericide. During the aseptic packaging process, the setting procedure is opened regularly, and the high-pressure sterile water is sprayed and sterilized with sterile steam to ensure that the surrounding environment of the wine dispenser is in a sterile state

④ bottle washing machine: first clean the machine and sterilize the bottle washing machine internally with chemical disinfectant. The import and export of bottle washing machine are easy to be polluted, and chemical sterilizers are also used to kill bacteria

* cleaning and sterilization of the external environment

the external environment includes: surrounding environment, bottle conveying chain, bottle cap conveying system

① surrounding environment: sterilize the air with chemical fungicide, including the ground and sewer, which should be cleaned and sterilized frequently without dirt

② bottle conveying chain: in sterile packaging of beer, bottle conveying chain is one of the pollution sources. Use lubricant and bactericide, but the bactericide should be used in 2-3 alternative ways to avoid microbial tolerance to a certain bactericide. The glass cover and water receiving plate on the bottle conveying chain should also be cleaned regularly and sterilized with chemical disinfectant

③ bottle cap conveying system: UV disinfection

* disinfection of sterile packaging materials and other auxiliary supplies

1. Empty bottles: empty bottles have been sterilized at the outlet of the bottle washing machine, and the residence time of the sterilized empty bottles on the bottle conveying chain should be reduced as far as possible, and the maximum time should not exceed 20 minutes, so as to reduce the pollution of the air to the washed bottles, and steam should be used for instantaneous sterilization before filling wine

2. bottle cap: adopt ultraviolet sterilization. The bottle cap receives ultraviolet sterilization on both sides of the conveying channel, and the sterilization is very complete

3. auxiliary supplies: when water, air and CO2 are in contact with beer, they should be disinfected. Water uses CO2 to kill bacteria. The air and CO2 are thoroughly sterilized with a three-stage sterile filter

* training of operators

carry out the basic ideological education of sterile packaging for each operator and establish the awareness of meta bacteria. The operators of the wine filling machine shall be trained in microbial sampling and culture techniques to establish their sensitivity to microorganisms. Analyze the microbial test data, understand the cause of the problem, and cultivate their ability to recognize and distinguish the problem, so that even if microbial pollution occurs in the packaging, they can quickly take measures to deal with it, so as to avoid the expansion of the scope of pollution. Each operator must abide by the operating procedures to achieve total quality management and ensure product quality

* microbiological testing

another important part of beer aseptic packaging is microbiological testing. The main microbial pollution sources include bottle washing machine, empty bottle, bottle conveying chain, wine filling machine body and surrounding environment, bottle cap, capping machine, etc. Sampling points, sampling frequencies, and testing items shall be formulated according to different equipment and different surrounding environment

IV. summary

beer aseptic packaging technology is still in its infancy in China ----- Autodesk software (China) Co., Ltd. Jiegang Senior Software Testing Engineer stage, the whole production process should be kept sterile, the control of microorganisms should be raised to an unprecedented height, which has been expanded compared with 2017, and high-quality testing management personnel should be equipped: advanced testing instruments and appropriate and fastest testing methods should be used. Following the basic conditions of excellent raw materials, reasonable technology, advanced equipment, scientific management and high-quality staff, we will be able to produce high-quality draft beer for a long time


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