Asia Pacific Senbo will become the largest pulping

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Asia Pacific Senbo will become the largest pulping enterprise in China

the financial crisis will hit enterprises and test the government. In the face of the impact of the global financial crisis, Rizhao Economic Development Zone timely adjusted its work priorities, strengthened economic operation scheduling, went deep into the front-line research of enterprises, and helped enterprises make suggestions to tide over the difficulties together. With the support and help of the government, Shandong Asia Pacific Senbo pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. has taken positive measures to steadily promote the production and operation of the enterprise and the continuation of the project

Asia Pacific Senbo company is an enterprise mainly producing bleached chemical wood pulp and high-grade white card board. Affected by the financial crisis, the market price of wood pulp and white card board fell by more than 40% over the same period. In the face of this situation, the company actively seeks the combination of the lowest operating cost and output, increases the consumption of low-cost domestic wood chips and Southeast Asian wood chips, and reduces the high price foreign wood chips. However, in the conditional stress-strain curve shown in Figure 1, it can not really reflect the deformation strengthening of metals, chemicals and paddles. This is an important document for the implementation of made in China 2025. It can improve the pulp production rate and maintain stable production. Further strengthen marketing, determine production based on sales, and provide long-term supply at low cost. 2 After receiving the repair notice, the order receivable actually reduces the inventory, expands the cash flow, and ensures the timely recovery of accounts receivable. At the same time, actively adjust the product structure, improve the product grade, and open up new markets

although the market sales price is still low, Asia Pacific Senbo company still insists on not stopping production, not reducing environmental protection standards, and not increasing social burden. In the first half of this year, the company produced 143000 tons of wood pulp and 86000 tons of white cardboard, which is basically the same as the same period last year, and the sales revenue is relatively stable

while maintaining stable production and operation, the construction progress of phase II project of the company continues to accelerate. The second phase project is the largest foreign-funded project in Shandong Province and the largest single pulping production line in the world at present. Since the construction started in April last year, 70% of the total progress has been completed, and the foreign capital in place is US $440million, including nearly US $100million this year, accounting for more than 80% of the actual utilization of foreign capital in the city. The project is planned to be completed and put into operation by the end of May next year. It is expected to increase revenue by 6billion yuan, profit and tax by 1.4 billion yuan, and will become the largest pulping enterprise in China

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