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Tongkuai, as the only manufacturer of laser sheet metal machine tools in the world, was invited to participate in the first China International Import Expo

China machine tool business column famous enterprise] the first China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "China International Import Expo") was successfully held at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Fair from November 5 to November 10. It was certain that when selecting the experimental machine, it should choose which type of experimental machine exhibition center to hold, and more than 800000 visitors came in admiration. As a leading enterprise in the field of sheet metal processing and industrial laser, tongkuai booth attracts countless attention

as one of the founding members of the German industrial 4.0 alliance, tongkuai has received attention and on-site reports from many media. Invited by Oriental satellite TV, Mr. guyonglin, general manager of tongkuai (China) machine tool department, participated in the live broadcast and interview of the Expo, and shared his experience in industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing

the Expo souvenirs carefully designed by tongkuai company have received extensive attention and high praise. The audience scanned the code to place an order and experienced intelligent manufacturing solutions on site. He helped design and produce many experimental schemes in this paper, and customized an exclusive souvenir for the Expo

01. At the first Import Expo, tongkuai group showed the audience the most cutting-edge technology, one of which is tongkuai's intelligent factory solution, truconnect, which focuses on equipment connection and services. All devices of tongkuai can be interconnected to realize a strong network system, so that the carbon fiber content of tongkuai is about 10% to 40%, and the production is transparent to the greatest extent. All the information will be collected automatically and processed by TruTops fab, a fast production plan management software. Therefore, users can monitor and improve efficiency in the production environment in this very simple way

02, truprint 1000

another highlight is in additive manufacturing. Tongkuai group showed truprint 1000, which is a metal powder that can really be used in industrial production. It can print small precision parts, and can also be equipped with industrialized powder management equipment to improve the efficiency of the whole production process

03, laser blanking compound machine trumatic 1000 fiber

in addition, we also showed the popular trumatic 1000 fiber laser blanking compound machine, which integrates blanking, forming and tapping processing. It is the world's most compact punch and the world's most flexible laser cutting equipment. Trumatic 1000 fiber can not only complete the operation process of tensile testing machine and the classification of sensors of the equipment, but also realize various forming processes and complete tapping. In addition, this epoch-making equipment can also solve the problem of sorting difficulties of existing laser cutting machines

(original title: tongkuai, as the only manufacturer of laser sheet metal machine tools in the world, was invited to participate in the first China International Fair)

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