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Environmental protection problems caused by PVC packaging film

[PVC packaging film is mostly made of PVC resin, which is plasticized by adding plasticizers, stabilizers and other additives. Due to its material characteristics, in addition to safety problems caused by the contact of PVC packaging film with food during use, its waste will also have a serious adverse impact on the ecological environment.]

pvc packaging film is mostly made of PVC resin, which is plasticized by adding plasticizers, stabilizers and other additives. Due to its material characteristics, apart from the safety problems caused by the contact with food during the use of PVC packaging film, its waste will also have a serious adverse impact on the ecological environment. Based on this, the environmental protection departments of many countries in the world have issued relevant regulations to prohibit or restrict the massive use of PVC. Europe banned the use of PVC as food packaging material in 1992, and Japan also banned it in 2000. Therefore, PCL-PEG copolymer nanoparticles containing PPP are expected to become injectable preparations. PVC packaging is used to move away from the fixed fixture. According to the announcement of the World Packaging Organization Council, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and European countries have completely banned PVC as packaging material; Taiwan has also issued the waste cleaning law, which expressly stipulates that PVC as a packaging material will be banned in 2006

the safety of PVC fresh-keeping film, which has attracted widespread attention in China, has made people have a more in-depth understanding and understanding of the safety of PVC packaging materials in contact with food, but the environmental protection problems caused by the widespread use of PVC packaging film have not been fully understood. PVC packaging film is generally disposable. Using a large amount of PVC packaging film will produce a lot of non environmental waste, which will bring many problems to the disposal of waste. For example, plasticizers and stabilizers in PVC additives will pollute groundwater and soil when they are treated by landfill, while when they are treated by incineration, they will produce a carcinogen called dioxin, which will have an adverse impact on the environment and human body. Therefore, the environmental protection problems brought by PVC packaging film should also be widely concerned by the whole society. Relevant domestic industries should formulate relevant laws and regulations to restrict the use of PVC packaging film, and vigorously develop new environmentally friendly and safe substitutes

at present, PVC films used for packaging materials are mainly PVC kink films and PVC heat shrinkable films, except for fresh-keeping films. PVC twisted film directly contacts candy, and its harmfulness is the same as that of fresh-keeping film. Since the 1990s, with the rapid development of the domestic packaging industry, the demand for PVC kink film and heat shrinkable film has been rising. Especially, as a major beverage country in the world, labels made of PVC heat shrinkable film have sprung up, becoming the first material for body fitting packaging materials. By the end of 2004, PVC heat shrinkable film as a beverage trademark alone had reached more than 60000 tons, and with the growth of Chinese beverages at a rate of more than 20% per year. If we add PVC kink film and other rough estimates, there will be about 100000 tons of PVC waste film waiting to be disposed of every year. These waste films printed with benzene containing ink are difficult to recycle, but they cannot be incinerated and converted into energy. With the accelerated process of waste industrial treatment, the disposal of PVC waste film will become a serious obstacle. Many media reported that "PVC material itself is safe as a food packaging material, but it may be dangerous when heated". Yes, imagine if 100000 tons of PVC waste film can't be incinerated every year and can only be disposed of by burying. What kind of situation will it be? Therefore, it is the universal material testing machine with the best performance at present? Some people also say that the land area of Japan and Taiwan is limited, so the industrialized treatment of garbage is an inevitable choice, so can we waste our land resources so extravagantly because of the vast resources? If we continue in this way, the potential danger caused by this pollution is far more terrible than the present danger, which is a crime against future generations

vigorously developing new products to replace PVC packaging film is the fundamental way to gradually reduce the environmental protection problems caused by PVC. In recent years, many domestic enterprises have devoted themselves to research and development in this area, narrowing the technological gap with developed countries. Due to the active attention and guidance of relevant national departments, new materials that replace PVC shrink film and kink film, such as BOPS shrink film, kink film, and PETG kink film, have come out one after another, which is not only of great significance for China to vigorously promote green consumption and control the pollution of plastic waste, but also of great market significance for enhancing the export capacity of our products and overcoming environmental protection barriers

The 21st century is a century of environmental protection. Environmental issues are becoming more and more important, and resources and energy are becoming more and more tense. Building a circular economic society and taking the road of sustainable development has become the focus and urgent task of global attention, and has become the criterion for the development of all walks of life and the fate of mankind. The 11th Five Year Plan adopted by the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee has also made this clear. It is reported that the national development and Reform Commission is working with relevant departments to draft the "Regulations on the administration of packaging material recycling". We have reason to believe and expect that China will usher in a good start in the packaging industry based on research on environmental protection, improvement and improvement of packaging technology, which will enable China to move forward from a big packaging country to a powerful packaging country

author/Zhao Yanwei

source: China Packaging

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