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Environmental protection "key words" of Bengbu Glass Enterprises

in the impression of many people, the glass production industry is a heavy pollution and high emission industry. However, Bengbu China building materials information display materials Co., Ltd., AVIC Sanxin solar photovoltaic glass Co., Ltd. and other glass production enterprises located in Longzihu District, "green", "low carbon" and "recycling" have become the "Keywords" of enterprise environmental protection

on November 22, AVIC Sanxin solar photovoltaic glass Co., Ltd. In the waste discharge monitoring room. The staff are monitoring the dust, carbon monoxide and other emissions produced by burning glass in real time. "We have purchased high priced professional equipment to deal with emissions. All emissions are strictly controlled within national standards." Caiyongqiang, manager of the company's safety and environmental protection department, said, "this makes' heavy pollution 'a' past tense '."

in the process of realizing more environmental protection and green production, AVIC Sanxin solar photovoltaic glass Co., Ltd. is also trying to reduce enterprise costs. "We use the steam produced by burning glass to generate electricity, which can generate about 2.5 million kwh per month, saving enterprises more than 1.5 million yuan. In addition, we also save enterprises more than 3 million yuan per year through the recycling of wastewater." Caiyongqiang said, "green development, transformation and upgrading are the inevitable trend and requirements of the glass production industry in the future. With the increasing requirements of environmental protection, a large number of small and micro glass enterprises that are still using backward production methods and causing serious pollution will be gradually eliminated. This also makes our enterprises more and more competitive."

Bengbu Zhongjian building materials information display materials Co., Ltd., which produces 0.12mm ultra-thin electronic touch glass, has further environmental protection measures

"the pollution caused by the traditional glass industry to the surrounding environment is mainly the air pollutants emitted during the burning process of glass." Wu Huadong, assistant general manager of Bengbu China building materials information display materials Co., Ltd., said, "When the traditional glass industry burns quartz sand and other raw materials into glass, it needs to use heavy oil, magnesium powder, etc. this firing process will discharge a large number of pollutants into the air. While our production line uses natural gas as fuel and uses an oxygen rich burning process that is conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, in the process of glass firing, there will be almost no air pollutants. Most of all, do not wipe the reflector and spectrophotometer of the instrument as much as possible The atmospheric emissions produced by mirrors and others are naturally within the national emission standards. "

in addition, like AVIC Sanxin solar photovoltaic glass company, China building materials information display materials company also recycles water and steam in production. "The steam produced by burning glass can heat the whole plant. And the production water is also recycled, so there is almost no wastewater discharge.", "In addition, we also have dust removal systems for every raw material such as quartz sand; for the waste oil produced in production, we have hired qualified professional companies to deal with it, so as to truly realize environmental protection and green production."

from the heavily polluted industry to the realization of green development, the changes in the glass industry are only the epitome of the achievements of ecological protection in Longzihu District in recent years

in recent years, Longzihu district has carried out in-depth special treatment of key pollution sources, comprehensively renovated the illegal quarrying and processing plant on fenghuai Road, continued to crack down on the illegal behavior of mountain stone theft, and ensured that key environmental protection issues such as the ant mountain dairy farm of Heping dairy were rectified and implemented. In addition, by changing gas, shutting down coal-fired boilers, banning the operation of loose coal, implementing dust prevention measures on construction sites, implementing road dust reduction and dust suppression operations, banning and regulating scattered pollution enterprises, and implementing special emission limits for key enterprises, the current changes in a period of time: 0.08A - 0.12A - 0.08A - 0.12A Range change: 0.1a- 0.5a- 0.1a- 0.5A In the final test, a series of measures such as range 0.5A value were selected, which reduced the average concentration of PM2.5 in the region from the first quarter to the third quarter of this year by 12%, and the ambient air quality in the region continued to improve. Longzihu district has also promoted the prevention and control of water pollution through the special rectification of six key industries such as "Canada oil station". And completed the "Longzi Lake area soil pollution prevention and control program."

"we have always placed the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environmental protection in an important position related to the overall situation, especially by solving environmental protection inspectors' outstanding environmental problems and key and difficult ecological environmental problems, the environmental quality in our jurisdiction has also been continuously improved." Ma Rui, the mayor of Longzihu District, said, "in the next step, we will focus on environmental protection inspectors to highlight environmental problems, and continue to fight three major battles of pollution prevention and control around the atmosphere, water and soil. After experiments, we will persevere to the end, adhere to the problem orientation, take the satisfaction of the masses as the standard, and resolutely win the battle of pollution prevention and control."

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