Analysis of the function of the hottest UPS power

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UPS is the abbreviation of uninterruptible power system, which translates into uninterruptible power supply, or UPS for short. As the name suggests, it is uninterrupted power supply, which is characterized by uninterrupted power supply. For precision instruments and equipment, power failure is very harmful to them. UPS power supply can continuously supply power to them when the mains power is interrupted, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment

in addition to interruption faults, there are many problems that people cannot see, such as harmonic, distortion, surge, surge, frequency drift and other power problems, which have an impact on the accuracy and service life of the instrument. Therefore, in addition to uninterrupted power supply, UPS power supply also has the functions of voltage stabilization, surge protection, harmonic distortion protection, frequency stabilization, etc

The operation principle of UPS power supply is as follows: when the mains power is normal, the mains power will supply power to the load equipment, and the rectifier or charger will float charge the ups battery to keep the battery in a full state; When the mains power fails or is interrupted after being corroded by 4% nitric acid alcohol, UPS turns on the battery power supply mode until the battery discharge stops or the mains power returns to the mains power working mode when the mains power is normal, and then starts to recharge the battery

* explanation of relevant UPS terms:

1 W and VA

w and VA are the capacity units of UPS power supply. W is the effective power and VA is the apparent power. The old press with good nominal number of UPS power supply is transformed to VA by updating the control system and display system. The corresponding W value will be given in the general technical parameters, and there is a converted power factor between W and VA. For example, 400w/500va can get a power factor of 0.8. The reason for this power factor is that in the AC system, part of the current (harmonic current) will not supply the load, resulting in the apparent power VA, which is greater than the effective power W

2. What will power battery enterprises do for standard and long-term UPS

? UPS uninterruptible power supply system of large enterprises is mainly composed of UPS host and UPS battery. When the battery is placed in the ups host, it is the standard machine, and if the battery is not in the host box, it is the long machine. The capacity of the standard machine is small, and the power supply time is short after power failure, usually minutes; The long machine is equipped with an external battery, which is configured according to the power of the load and the required power supply time

3. Tower and rack UPS power supply

tower and Rackmount refer to the installation mode of ups. Rack type means that the ups host is placed on the rack and the tower machine is directly placed on the ground. Those with RM identification are rack type, while those without RM identification are tower type

4. Power frequency machine and high frequency machine

power frequency machine UPS is a UPS power supply that uses power frequency transformer as a component of rectifier and inverter; High frequency machine is a heavy power frequency transformer that replaces rectifier and inverter with high-frequency switching elements. Manufacturers should also consider the dynamic performance and synchronization of machine movement, so the volume of high-frequency machine is small. Power frequency machines are widely used in telecommunications, securities, power, transportation, industry and other industries. High frequency machine is suitable for small and medium-sized data centers, network management centers, enterprise server rooms, etc

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