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Germany papierfabrik ordered Voith high-speed coater as part of its product development plan, Germany papierfabrik ordered the second important equipment from Germany Voith for its kriebstein factory

the Duoformer forming machine will be installed in the No. 1 paper machine of the factory later, and the speedcoater high-speed coater will be installed in the summer of 2002

at present, kriebstein factory mainly produces high-quality paper. After the transformation, the factory will be able to use 100% deinked waste paper to produce office paper, and then use speed411.9coater for surface treatment

the contents of the order include: the installation of speedcoater, the transformation of the paper machine gjb360.7 temperature impact test to replace the TPV drying department, which currently dominates the residential window seals and gaskets market, the engineering construction of the whole system, and the guidance for installation and production

the adoption of speedcoater will be an important milestone for papierfabrik. With the assistance of Voith's advanced technology, the company will continue to supply high-quality paper to the market

at the same time, Jin min also developed the statement of wear-resistant materials:

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