The hottest German nano coating will enter Zhonggu

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Recently, the project cooperation department of water-based and oil-based high solid nano coatings developed by the German/Swiss Arg verg R & D center in China plans to establish a technology Co., Ltd. in Zhongguancun, Beijing and domestic enterprises interested in cooperation

Germany is the first country in the world to implement environmental protection standards, especially with strict regulations on green coatings, and its environmental protection coating quality is leading in the world. On the afternoon of May 26, at the third Sino foreign building materials high tech fair in Beijing, Mr. Wang Jianjun, general manager of the China Project Cooperation Department of the German/Swiss Arg verg R & D center, made an experiment. He brushed one end of a glass plate with water-based high solid nano paint (high solid content of more than 80%), and the other end with oil-based high solid nano paint (high solid content of more than 80%), and the water-based paint dried in 3 minutes, Tested with fingers, it is not sticky. The oily coating is dry for 15 minutes. After 20 minutes, water has no corrosive effect on the coating, and the film-forming hardness is high, with strong adhesion. The aqueous coating has no smell, and the oily coating has no irritating smell. Scrape the paint with another hard piece, and the dried paint is firm. The water drops were applied with German nano paint and brushed on the air dried glass plate. It was found that the water drops rolled on the plate, which was incompatible with the paint. According to President Wang, this is the "lotus leaf effect" of this nano coating. Erect the glass plate, and the water drops fall down along the plate, showing a transparent color. Mr. Wang said that the walls and roads with German nano coating will not peel and fall off, and will not crack. The service life is more than 10 years, and the construction is not limited by the rainy time. It is very suitable for alternate construction between sunny and rainy days. This kind of German nano coating is used for traffic engineering facilities and building exterior walls. In addition, it has the advantages of low comprehensive cost, stable quality, high construction efficiency, safety and environmental protection

in 2, manual shift: manually switch to the appropriate range according to the size of the experimental force. In developed countries such as Germany, the traffic engineering facilities have clear, regular and smooth markings, without offset, distortion, disconnection, blur and other phenomena, and have a good eye guidance effect. The signs are complete and eye-catching. However, there are many problems in pavement markings in China, such as poor reflection at night, peeling and falling off, coating surface pollution, cracks, micropores and bubbles, poor surface condition, and coating darkening are common. Most of the reasons are caused by poor coating quality

in the European and American markets, the building exterior wall coating adopts the thick film type, and the construction project with artistic effect is being favored and respected by the market. The above markets have systematic and strict requirements on the technical performance, application performance, environmental protection, safety and effect, and cost of coatings. According to Mr. Wang Jianjun, Arg vhexion's new two-component decomposition solution aims to solve this challenge. These coating products recommended by ERG R & D center to the Chinese market at this high-tech Building Materials Fair will be able to be used in the production, storage The whole process of transportation and construction conforms to the comprehensive economic and technical indicators of "resources, environmental protection and benefits" required by the international community and the Chinese government. The technical indicators and performance indicators of the series of products adopt internationally recognized standards, and the cooperation of industrialization and marketization is organized and implemented in China. According to President Wang, the products demonstrated at this session passed the inspection of bast, a recognized authority in the industrialized countries of the European Union, in June 2000, and obtained the authoritative certification of bast in December of the same year. Nano coatings, a new material with excellent performance produced by high-tech nanotechnology and low manufacturing cost, are used

previously, the German/Swiss enterprise had carried out a lot of pre Market Research and trial production in the Chinese market through an exclusively authorized domestic enterprise, which was recognized by the relevant national departments and market customers

Mr. Wang Jianjun said that the technology company of the German nano coating cooperation project aims to establish a large-scale industrialized coating company and improve the technical content of coating products, with the goal of helping Chinese coating enterprises rank among the world's advanced ranks

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