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Analysis of four factors driving the rise of paint prices

in the past two years, the prices of domestic paint and paint have shown a rising trend, and the main reason for the rise in prices is the rise in crude oil prices. It is understood that the raw materials of paint and coating products are all from crude oil products, which are greatly affected by the fluctuation of international crude oil prices. The rise in oil prices forced the price of coating raw materials to rise immediately, which dealt a great blow to the struggling coating enterprises

the pressure from all aspects has become a heavy pressure on the building materials industry. The rise in oil prices has driven the price of raw materials soaring. The price of paint is almost upside down, and the paint industry is facing a major reshuffle. According to statistics, there are 7000 paint manufacturers in China, large and small. Comments on the reshuffle of the paint industry are often heard. Before and after the financial crisis, it was proposed that the paint industry would reshuffle. However, the 4trillion investment of the Chinese government led to the rapid growth of China's coating industry in 2011, making China the largest country in coating industry

there are four major factors for the rise of paint prices, but the situation in 2011 is different. To sum up, there are four factors:

rising cost: it is understood that the price of raw materials has risen, raising the cost of paint products. According to Fusite paint Beijing Co., Ltd., since October 2010, the raw materials of the company, such as lotion, titanium dioxide and additives, have increased by 10% to 30%

decline in demand: the national real estate market regulation reduced the trading volume in a short time, affecting the real estate market and affecting the relevant coating demand

it is difficult to raise prices: the serious homogenization of China's paint market makes it easy for downstream customers to change products, and inhibits paint manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises without product advantages, from controlling product prices

inflation: it will bring problems to all paint manufacturers. However, for a long time, no technology has been invested in small and medium-sized coating plants, 2011 will be a year of life and death

"after the new year, the price of a barrel of paint has increased by 20 yuan to 30 yuan, but the profit of the paint market is getting smaller and smaller. A barrel of 5-liter Dabao paint like this now sells for 400 yuan. Moreover, during the promotion period, customers buy top coat and send primer. The profit of a barrel of paint is only hard polyurethane foam, which is thinner than other materials: you can make a comparison of 30 yuan. Excluding the store, rent and other expenses, there is only a profit space of 5 yuan in the end." On March 6, Jimei home paint and building materials factory Chen Hui said

the profit margin is shrinking, but the production cost is increasing day by day. The prices of raw materials of coatings, such as solvent materials, titanium dioxide, rosin, lotion and additives, are mostly closely related to the trend of oil prices. The additives used in the production of titanium dioxide are petroleum by-products, and the solvent materials in coating raw materials are also petroleum products. With the recent sharp rise in international oil prices, the prices of these raw materials have also risen accordingly

"in addition to the price rise of oil, the prices of upstream raw materials titanium ore and titanium slag have doubled since they began to rise in October 2010. Now the raw material market is close to crazy."

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