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The packaging machinery industry in Germany has systematically expanded its leadership in recent years, and its position has been further improved in 2004

the output value in 2004 was about 4.2 billion euros, an increase of nearly 3% over 2003. In 2004, the global packaging machinery market share was about 19 billion euros. Germany ranked first with a share of 23% of global products, Italy accounted for 16%, and the United States accounted for 13%, ranking second and third respectively

export trade is a dark horse in our industry. After several years of continuous growth in export delivery volume, the necessary parameters of tensile testing machine reached a double-digit growth level in 2004. The export volume reached 3.7 billion euros, an increase of 21%. The export rate is more than 80%, equivalent to 64% of the whole mechanical engineering field

with 24 percentage points delivered to North America and 21 percentage points delivered to European countries, the sales growth rate in 2004 hit a record high. The largest purchasing country is the United States (537 million euros), followed by France (208 million euros), Britain (205 million euros), Russia (176 million euros) and China (151 million euros)

this confirms that the German packaging machinery industry still maintains a strong competitive position. As the most important exporter, Germany contributed 31% of global exports in 2003. In the global packaging field, Germany is an important supplier in 15 large export markets, while there are 20 large packaging machinery export markets in the world

"intelligent" packaging machinery

in recent years, various factors have stimulated the high-end demand for German packaging machinery. For example, the application of carbon fiber composite technology provides the best choice for automobile lightweight. The US dollar exchange rate for export, the excellent overall economic situation, especially the cash appreciation brought by industry, have greatly stimulated market demand. In packaging machinery, components called "intelligent" play a decisive role

the advantages of this new generation of "intelligent" machinery are:

the modular concept is conducive to providing customized mechanical equipment at a moderate cost

through the introduction of modular sub assembly, the packaging machinery is easy to renovate and reorganize. Although the product life is getting shorter and shorter, it has established a good foundation for investment

increases the flexibility of the device and shortens the update time

due to remote diagnosis and maintenance equipment (remote service, pointed out by Wardle, Professor of MIT Department of Aerospace), the service cost is reduced

more low-cost packaging materials are used

this shows that modern packaging machinery is generating a new potential, which can reduce costs and be more flexible in responding to market opportunities. The result is a shorter return on investment cycle

focus on China

China is one of the countries with the largest growth in the machinery and equipment market in the world. The Chinese market has considerable growth potential for German packaging machinery manufacturers. The demand of more and more enterprises for advanced technology reflects this. Between 1999 and 2003, the global export of packaging machinery to China increased by about 44% to 502million euros

China is one of the most important exporting countries for German packaging machine plastic film and various physical and mechanical performance testing machinery enterprises of rubber, wire and cable, waterproof coiled material, metal wire and other materials. In 2004, Germany exported machinery and equipment to China, with a total value of 151 million euros. China ranks fifth among Germany's exporters of machinery and equipment

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