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From the analysis of manufacturing industry, the gap between domestic and foreign heavy machine tools

after technical transformation and product development in recent years, China's heavy machine tool industry has made great progress in both production capacity and product development. Cleveland research group said that the technical level has made great progress, but there are still great deficiencies compared with foreign products. The biggest differences are the technical level and running speed of the core operating parts, the retention of product accuracy, the reliability of the machine tool, and the manufacturing process level and quality of the overall machine tool

1. The reliability of CNC machine tools is a key indicator of the quality of high-end heavy machine tools. At present, the average trouble free working time of domestic CNC heavy-duty machine tools is no more than 300 hours, while the average trouble free working time of imported high-end heavy-duty machine tools is more than 2000 hours (the international standard is 800 hours), and the accuracy retention is very high. MTBF is defined as "the ability of a product to complete specified functions under specified conditions and within specified time". Emphasize the actual effect of the on-site use or operation process of the product. Therefore, the trouble free working time of CNC machine tools should objectively reflect the real situation of the fault interval of products in the production process, which is the product quality attribute that the majority of machine tool users really care about. Obviously, the reliability level of domestic CNC heavy-duty machine tools is significantly lower than that of foreign countries, which seriously affects the competitiveness and market share of domestic CNC heavy-duty machine tools with drum shaped test pieces after tightening

2. The geometric accuracy and working accuracy of domestic CNC machine tools can reach higher than the design standard during the trial production, but they cannot meet the requirements of high accuracy in batch products. Foreign enterprises can achieve high-precision mass production of CNC machine tools through advanced manufacturing process control. Domestic CNC machine tools are still a long way from samples (exhibits) to commodities

3. Chinese heavy machine tool manufacturing enterprises still lack the ability of independent innovation and basic theoretical research. It is also the development trend of China's heavy machine tools to apply the latest technology and its newly developed technology to new products in a modular form

special attention should be paid to the development of new products: first, deeply study the characteristics and requirements of the product process in the user industry, and develop high-level processing equipment in combination with the process characteristics. The second is to pay attention to the research of basic theory, strengthen the experimental research of sprocket and chain composition of key parts, and strengthen the operation test and after-sales tracking service of new products and the first set of complete machine. The third is to strengthen the rectification and improvement of new products, reduce the time from exhibits to commodities and form industrialization

4. World famous manufacturers of heavy machine tools: Germany's vadrich Coburg (war is called static toughness drich-coburg), Schiess, Italy's INNSE, Pama, France's forest-line, Spain's solaluce and other manufacturers all have their own well-known products, forming a world-famous brand and intangible asset effect. However, they do not produce all kinds of products and are well-known. Instead, they focus on their own characteristic products and occupy the world by quality, reputation and technology

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