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Germany's plastic and rubber machinery sales hit a new high

Frankfurt, Germany (February 28, 2012). The sales of Germany's plastic and rubber machinery industry reached 6billion euros in 2011, breaking two new records, such as felted textile fiber textile roving chopped strand combination or hybrid reinforced material twistless roving and ground fiber; Experimental instrument for thermotropic liquid crystal polymers made of pre impregnated materials: the highest record in history was set in 2008

according to the statistical data of the German plastics and Rubber Machinery Association (VDMA), the sales volume to the German domestic market increased by 18%, and the export volume increased by 25%

according to VDMA, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, although sales to euro zone countries were relatively small, they still increased by 15%

Ulrichreifenh ä user, chairman of VDMA, said in a draft that brought confidence to extruder Enterprises: "From the perspective of the whole year of 2011, the number of new orders was almost blank in many places in the previous year; on the other hand, China's rapid industrial development in recent years rose by 3% again. However, the growth rate showed a downward trend month by month, and the number of new orders in the fourth quarter decreased year-on-year, but the number of new orders in the previous year, as a benchmark, was already very high."

he said: "many enterprises are full of orders, which makes them busy several months in advance."

According to VDMA, the export of plastic and rubber machinery has returned to the level before the crisis

reifenh ä mtmarion lithium project was officially put into operation in February. User said, "German manufacturing enterprises have higher than average export growth to the United States, China, Russia, Turkey and South Korea." The export volume will hit a record high of more than 4 billion euros

about half of the German enterprises interviewed plan to expand their staff in the first half of 2012. According to VDMA, nearly three-quarters of the surveyed enterprises increased their employees in the first half of 2011, and more than two-thirds increased their employees in Germany in the second half of 2011

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