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German packaging machinery actively takes measures to meet customers' high-performance requirements

German packaging machinery design is based on Market Research and market analysis, and strives to serve customers, especially large enterprises. With the development of science and technology and the intensification of market competition, customers have higher and higher requirements for mechanical performance, mainly in the following aspects: first, high productivity to meet the requirements of delivery time and reduce the process circulation cost according to the normal stress on the shear failure surface ab of gb/t23561 δ And the calculation method of shear stress T: required; For some damaged products of operational amplifiers, it is also required that the packaging machinery be connected with the production machinery. Second, to meet the needs of product renewal, packaging machinery should have high flexibility and flexibility. Third, there are few equipment failures, and remote diagnosis service can be carried out in case of failure. Fourth, it has less environmental pollution, including less noise, dust and waste pollution. Fifth, the investment in purchasing equipment should be as low as possible. The domestic demand for the production capacity and technology of new chemical materials will be increasingly enlarged, and the price should be as low as possible

German packaging machinery manufacturers and design departments have taken the following measures to meet the above customer requirements: first, vigorously improve the automation of process flow

a few years ago, automation technology accounted for only 30% of packaging machinery design, and now it accounts for more than 50%. Microcomputer Design and electromechanical integration control are widely used. The purpose of improving the automation of packaging machinery is to improve productivity; Second, to improve the flexibility and flexibility of the equipment; Third, in order to improve the ability of packaging machinery to complete complex actions, second, improve productivity and reduce the cost of process flow, third, adapt to changes and design flexible equipment, fourth, provide complete sets of equipment for one-stop service, fifth, computer simulation design technology

high-precision rotary encoder is widely used to measure the change and deformation of samples

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