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German paint arrived in Kunshan on the "China Europe train". On October 9, Jiangsu Kunshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau comprehensively inspected 16 batches of imported paint from Germany. These paints are 36000 barrels in total, with a value of 189000 euros

it is reported that this brand of paint is the most widely sold interior wall paint in Europe and ranks first in the German paint retail market. The goods are transported from Europe by the "China Europe Express" to Hefei, Anhui Province, and finally to Kunshan by road. This is the first time that Kunshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau has inspected e-commerce goods entering the country on the "China Europe Express"

this batch of goods will be imported through tmall store, an e-commerce platform, and has not been announced to the world bank for online sales. Offline Kunshan warehouse immediately packs and delivers goods. Kunshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau immediately organizes manpower to arrange inspection after arrival, overcomes the difficulties of many batches and tight time, greatly shortens the time for online sales of coatings, and has won the praise of enterprises

since this year, the number of imported goods of Kunshan e-commerce has increased rapidly. Most e-commerce companies choose Kunshan because of convenient transportation conditions, perfect storage facilities, and high efficiency of relevant departments. As people pay more attention to the automobile safety problems when using cars. Kunshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau fully supports the development of cross-border e-commerce, innovates the inspection and quarantine mode, vigorously reduces the duration of the inspection and quarantine process caused by the inspection slack, and provides high-quality and efficient services for the work of cross-border e-commerce development system during the festival

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