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Germany and France urge Siemens and ALSTOM to merge against CRRC

the European Commission may prevent a super merger of European Railway giants, and the French and German governments are making every effort to promote the successful merger against CRRC, which accounts for half of the global railway market

on Friday, Bloomberg quoted an insider as saying that the European Commission was expected to veto the plan of Siemens and ALSTOM to merge the railway sector because of concerns that the merger would stifle competition in the European Union railway equipment market

the French and German governments supported the merger with both hands, believing that it could create a European market leader that could compete with CRRC

according to Reuters, France should attach great importance to and guard against all kinds of risks in finance tactics. Minister le Maire warned on Monday that if the merger is rejected, the EU will make economic and political mistakes, and we cannot make industrial decisions in the 21st century through the competition rules of the 20th century. German Economy Minister Peter altmaier told Reuters that the negotiations are at an important stage, and we will make every effort to give this project a chance

the European Commission will decide whether to approve the merger before February 18. Vestager, the EU antitrust Commissioner, declined to comment on the possible outcome of this decision, but stressed the importance of defending the interests of consumers rather than establishing a European Industrial champion. Vestager said at the press conference that the EU has no prejudice against large-scale mergers and acquisitions and the creation of European champions, as long as they abide by some basic rules

Germany and France urged Siemens and ALSTOM to merge to fight against CRRC

last September, Siemens from Germany and ALSTOM from France announced that they agreed to merge all their railway businesses and form a European transportation giant to cope with the competition from China. 6. The pressure testing machine has many different fixing screws

the newly established company is called Siemens ALSTOM, and its headquarters will be located in Paris, France. Siemens will hand over its train manufacturing, transit vehicle manufacturing and signal equipment departments to Alstom

currently, CRRC accounts for about half of the world's railway locomotives and carriages (half of the LCD production market, Siemens in Germany and Bombardier in Canada account for about 12% of the market share, and ALSTOM accounts for about 11%. CRRC has won many overseas orders, including orders from Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles in the United States.

after the merger of ALSTOM and Siemens' railway department, Alstom will produce the world's second largest railway equipment manufacturer. The new company will have 62000 employees and an annual revenue of 15% 300million euros, with an annual EBIT of 1.2 billion euros. It is expected to save 478million euros in total expenditure within four years after the merger

the largest manufacturer in China is still CRRC, which adopts hydraulic clamping system for this accessory, and its annual revenue is more than twice that of Siemens Alstom

the merger of Alstom and Siemens reminds observers that Europe is entering a climax of strong merger, and there will be a series of super large companies in Europe in the future. Macron and other European leaders are also creating the phenomenon that European integration will bring strong industry and high employment rate. On the one hand, he promoted the establishment of a foreign investment committee within the EU to strengthen the review of foreign investment (especially investment from China), and on the other hand, he promoted various capital operations to create new industry giants in the Airbus model. The merger of Alstom and Siemens is not the end of the merger of European railway equipment giants

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