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The 72nd Cannes Film Festival in France kicked off on the 14th of this month. As a close friend of the brand, Jiang Yiyan, dressed in a capable and elegant black dress with suspenders, shows the elegance of the brand without losing its unique charm

the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, France, kicked off on the 14th of this month

as a close friend of the brand of corona, Jiang Yiyan, dressed in a capable and elegant black dress with suspenders, turned luxuriously from the literary and artistic "Jiang Xiaowen", and became the Oriental temperament goddess who attracted flash on the red carpet of Cannes

her simple and highly designed black dress shows the elegance of keroya brand without losing its unique charm

and a group of Cannes seaside blockbusters exposed later, the magnificence and vastness of the sea and sky make this temperament more powerful than the design power precipitated behind koroya

Cannes International Film Festival, founded in 1946, together with Venice International Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival, is known as the world's three major international film festivals. How many star filmmakers have passed like meteors, but Cannes International Film Festival is still strong, the iron ceremony, flowing stars

the corona brand, founded in 2012, will also celebrate its 8th anniversary in June this year

in the wall covering industry with numerous brands, eight years is enough to achieve a brand and make a brand disappear

with continuous precipitation, koroya cultivates internal skills and builds quality and strength that can withstand scrutiny; As the "standard setter of high-precision wall fabric industry", Xiaoao is proud of the high-end wall fabric industry with strong hands

Bao Linjiang, the founder of kroya brand, adheres to the ingenuity of craftsman and the insistence of foolishness in the eyes of outsiders - insistence on originality and environmental protection! To maintain long-term strategic cooperation with more than 30 international top design institutions, exceed the total "quantity" of the whole industry, and demand original quality and manufacture "quality" with environmental protection performance 10 times higher than the national standard, so as to create a benchmark for the high-end wall fabric industry

it is with the temperament context closely related to the brand that Jiang Yiyan, the best friend of corona, has conquered international artists with rich connotation and classic waves, from the ancient oriental country to the internationally renowned Cannes Film Festival, not only on the red carpet, but also in the main competition unit of the film festival

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with "heart, action and future" as the brand core, the wall cloth of corona advocates the brand idea of "house home", with original design, high-end products and attentive service, which has won the trust and praise of customers. Koroya follows the whole art and details engraving, and pays attention to the combination of aesthetics and practicality, realizing the "dream of coming home from the house" for people. Koroya integrates the wall cloth into art and art into life

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