Choose adhesives carefully to protect the health o

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Choose adhesives carefully to protect the health of family members

>& gt;& gt; Decoration accessories safety adhesive “ Internal ” Can not be ignored

home decoration environmental protection has become the consensus of people in decoration. Many consumers pay great attention to environmental protection indicators when choosing decoration materials such as wall paint, floor, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, etc. However, the environmental protection of adhesives, which are ubiquitous in decoration, is easy to be ignored. Unqualified adhesives often become the pollution of room decoration " Invisible killer "e

identify adhesives by categories

generally speaking, non-metallic substances that can closely adhere one material to the surface of another material and meet certain physical and chemical performance requirements can be called adhesives. The adhesives used in decoration can be divided into the following categories according to their performance, characteristics and specificity:

1, white latex

it is mainly applicable to the bonding of wood keel base frame, wood base and finished wood surface laminate, as well as the pasting of wall wallpaper and wall bottom greasy and increasing the adhesive strength. The main component of white latex is vinyl acetate monomer polymer, which can be emulsified in water

white emulsion glue is glued by evaporation of water. The operation is relatively simple and safe. It solidifies faster at room temperature, has good bonding strength, basically does not expand and contract, has a long bonding life, and is elastic after bonding

2, 108 glue

108 glue is an upgraded product of 107 glue. It is a water-soluble colloid synthesized by polyvinyl alcohol reaction. This colorless and transparent new building material has extremely low formaldehyde content, good bonding performance, strong cementation ability, bacteria resistance and aging resistance

108 glue is suitable for pasting wall and floor tiles in indoor normal temperature environment, and can also be used for wallpaper pasting. However, the base course should be dense without floating ash. If the wall surface is loose or smooth, the interface should be treated with interface agent

3. Interface agent

interface agent is generally milky white glue with good permeability, which can fully wet the wall base, make the base dense, improve the adhesion of smooth base interface, and ensure that the cement roughening is firm and reliable; It can also improve the bonding strength of putty, mortar and wall surface to prevent hollowing

the interface agent is applicable to the interface treatment of the base course before the wall is puttying or plastering, the cement roughening treatment of the base course wall surface before pasting ceramic tiles, and the pasting of wall cloth

4. Floor and stone adhesive

this kind of adhesive can be specially used for the bonding between floor and stone. The formal floor adhesive has short setting time, high bonding strength and long service life; Common stone adhesives include marble glue, which is mainly applicable to the docking and repair of various marbles and the installation of finished plates. Marble glue solidifies quickly without expansion and contraction, but it is fragile by impact

in addition to the above commonly used adhesives, there are adhesives such as wallpaper adhesive, glass adhesive, waterproof sealant, etc. during decoration, the performance of the adhesives used by the construction team should be understood in detail, especially whether the environmental protection indicators can meet the standards to avoid decoration pollution




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