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How to save the bathroom? Shi Mei thinks she can start from the following three points

everyone's expectation for the bathroom is nothing more than clean and bright, well ventilated and free of odor. However, in real life, there are many stuffy, dark, wet, smelly, so how to save these [dark guards]? Shi Mei thinks she can start from the following three points

1. Ventilation

ventilation is the top priority of the toilet, because there is no fresh air, and there is no displacement and convection with the dirty gas inside, it is easy to breed more bacteria, resulting in the toilet smelly and damp, and the air problem cannot be improved at all

generally speaking, people will install exhaust fans to exhaust the waste together with the ventilation pipe, and then let the fresh air outside come in. However, the air volume of the exhaust fan is very small, which can only realize local ventilation, and the time effect is short. If the air problem in your bathroom is very serious, it is because the windows are not equipped with fresh air system. Schneiman doors and windows can be equipped with fresh air system to continuously provide fresh air for the bathroom and realize air circulation in the real sense

2. Light

there are many tricks to solve the problem of insufficient lighting in the bathroom. For example, using large-area glass windows + electric shutters is a very practical method. On the one hand, it can have uniform light to ensure that each dark corner can be full of bright light. On the other hand, it is also convenient to brush your teeth and wash, so as to make up for the lack of light to the greatest extent

moreover, the use of pure white tiles that can be brightened, coupled with transparent glass partition design, can solve this problem and visually improve the shortcomings of insufficient light

3. Dry and wet separation

nowadays, new houses generally do the necessary dry and wet separation, and use glass partitions to separate the dry area from the wet area, eliminating a series of hidden dangers in the process of use

but the old houses in the past did not have the consciousness of "dry and wet separation", so they were mostly separated by simple shower curtains. Such an approach is better than nothing, of course. Not only can it not effectively isolate water vapor, but also it is easy to reproduce bacteria. Humidity and peculiar smell are inevitable

if there is room for maneuver in the area of the house type, it is advisable to install a light tempered glass, or open a small window above the wall, and improve the bathroom conditions at home after communicating with neighbors and property management

of course, if you want a clean and refreshing bathroom, you should also pay attention to developing good hygiene habits. Be diligent in cleaning and avoid littering clothes and sundries in the bathroom! The solutions provided above by sister Shi hope to help you who have [dark guards] at home. (source: schneiman doors and windows)




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