Jinlong mansion 50 square meters simple decoration

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This case is a small house type, one room and one hall, small and unique. Crystal chandeliers in the restaurant, hand-painted patterns on the TV background wall, and decorative wallpaper on the bedroom background wall. These elements add color to the simple home and make the small space wonderful. Then, let's enjoy it together! Decoration area: 50 square meters decoration style: modern simple decoration price: 45000 decoration company: Decoration bidding recommendation company decoration building materials: brands participating in group purchase

the living room and dining room are not far away, and the large and small picture frames behind the sofa intend to put life photos. The spacious and comfortable sofa is made of brown cloth, which is very comfortable to sit on

what's more remarkable is the bar, which can be used not only as a bar, but also as a storage cabinet and display cabinet. In addition, the decoration of crystal curtain is particularly beautiful under the refraction of light

the theme of the bedroom is red, because newlyweds always have a little festive atmosphere. Curtains with patterns similar to those of wallpaper are used for the bay window, and the fur cushion is very comfortable

a spacious sofa is always very practical. You can take a nap on it when you are free




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