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The gate is covered by small trees. Feng Shui says that the high point is mountains and the low point is water. The road in front of the gate becomes water in front of the gate

Chinese classical style often gives people the feeling of historical continuity and regional context, which makes the indoor environment highlight the image characteristics of national cultural origin. For example, it absorbs the composition and decoration of caisson, ceiling, hanging and sparrow in the traditional wooden frame architecture of China, and the modeling and style characteristics of furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties

Chinese style is no longer equated with old and rigid, but instead close to nature, simple, friendly, simple but with rich connotation. Attention to detail can highlight the effect. In terms of residential detail decoration, attention to decoration style with modern vision is very particular. Such furniture as screens, curtains, and head lifting cases are partially decorated by designers, showing the eternal beauty of traditional Chinese art

every piece of Chinese furniture is like a classic old song, which contains a deep charm in every flowing note. Only by savoring it carefully can we understand some philosophies. Its unique charm will also attract a lot of attention, but if the material, line and color are not matched in place, it is easy to get the opposite effect

in order to better meet the requirements of living, choosing appropriate Chinese elements can make the room exude ancient and elegant and fresh charm

the decorative technique of traditional interior design is the embodiment of Chinese implicit temperament. The interior design of Chinese classical style absorbs the characteristics of "shape" and "spirit" of traditional decoration in the aspects of interior layout, line shape, tone and the shape of furniture and furnishings




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