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Abstract: when buying a house for decoration, how to choose the ceiling is a problem we often encounter. Some friends are well behaved, but some friends are too personality oriented and lose the meaning of the ceiling

when buying a house for decoration, how to choose the ceiling is a problem we often encounter. Some friends are well behaved, but some friends pursue personality too much and lose the meaning of the ceiling

first: rugged shape is not personality

it's no big deal for young people to pursue personality. If they bring trouble to the people around them, they should think twice. Especially when doing interior decoration, in order to highlight the personality of deliberately concave shape, the uneven design may have an alternative sensory impact, but it also brings trouble to the daily cleaning work. The concave has become a place to hide dirt, which over time will further damage the health of residents

second: brand identification needs to be cautious, beware of fake "big brands"

in the decoration industry, there are many big brand building materials at home and abroad, with mixed product quality and many counterfeits, especially the integrated ceiling, which is a multi-component product. When purchasing, you should open your eyes and identify carefully. If it is a real big brand, there should be corresponding inspection and certification, product description, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc. we must not be deceived by those fake and inferior products dressed in high-end big brand clothes

third: the effect of light is not necessary to be too gorgeous

colorful lights do have an atmosphere, but it is not suitable for ordinary home environments. Living in an environment surrounded by various lights for a long time can easily lead to personal emotional arrogance and instability, and too many light sources will also produce light pollution, and the consequences should not be underestimated

fourth: Aluminum gusset plates do not necessarily have to be as thick as possible

aluminum gusset plates are commonly used as decorative plates on the external surface of ceiling projects in kitchen and bathroom spaces, which can hide the overhead pipelines and play the role of decoration and beautification. The standard to measure the quality of aluminum gusset plate is the quality of aluminum rather than the thickness of the plate. The higher the purity of raw aluminum, the lighter the quality, and the better the elasticity. Aluminum gusset plate with more impurities is heavy, easy to sink, and easy to corrosion and rust. The thickness of gusset plate is enough to reach 0.6mm, and then the thickness is the standard of gusset plate for engineering, which is completely unnecessary

fifth: environmental protection issues deserve attention

for metal ceiling, the properties and characteristics of metal are more targeted for the use effect. The heavy metals in inferior metals have radiation to the human body, the gusset plate with high iron content is prone to moisture and rust, and the film on the surface is airtight, which is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, we must choose high-quality moisture-proof and breathable metal gusset plate to achieve the multiple functions of environmental protection, beauty and applicability

ceiling engineering is an important part of the whole room decoration, and the quality of the ceiling will directly affect the lives of residents. Here, Chengdu decoration reminds you that when decorating the ceiling, you must comprehensively investigate the actual situation of the house and the habits of the residents to make a practical, high-quality and beautiful ceiling

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