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Hebei Iron and Steel Group's centralized procurement of small alloys highlights the advantages of integration

the alloy company of Hebei Iron and Steel Group's procurement corporation gives full play to its advantages of integration, focuses on the market and makes plans in advance. It not only successfully realizes the seamless connection of small alloy procurement, but also locks in the amount of resources and the purchase price in advance under the severe market situation of tight resources and large price increases. The first round of centralized procurement of small alloys achieved remarkable results. In July and August, 3860 tons of oil leakage was found in the procurement of small alloys, reducing the procurement cost by more than 9.7 million yuan

according to the requirements of the group to accelerate the pace of integration, since July 1, the alloy company of the procurement head office has conducted integrated procurement of qualified small alloy varieties on the basis of the successful integrated procurement of the three major alloys. Small alloys have always been the difficult varieties to grasp the alloy procurement opportunity due to their high price, large capital occupation and rapid price change. The alloy company gives full play to the four advantages and promotes the procurement of small alloys to a new level. Give full play to the advantages of resource integration, introduce high-quality suppliers, strengthen cooperative relations, and reduce procurement costs while improving supply guarantee capacity. After centralized procurement, five excellent suppliers' channels were shared. At the same time, due to the large and relatively stable procurement volume, suppliers' attention was significantly increased. Take ferroniobium as an example. Due to the small and unstable consumption of the first five subsidiaries, most of them are supplied by China 1. The induction system is supplied by the world-famous sensor manufacturer, the US vishiquan sensor trading company. After centralized procurement, CITIC metal, the largest Brazilian niobium agent in China, has taken the initiative to establish a good cooperative relationship with the group. What is the purchase price of the original universal testing machine? Many people have great doubts about it 22 Million yuan/ton, down to 215000 yuan/ton. The purchase cost of this product alone will be reduced by more than 800000 yuan. Give full play to the advantages of price comparison procurement, and improve work efficiency and service quality. The alloy company further standardized the price comparison procurement system for small alloys, so that suppliers can complete the bidding quotation without leaving home, and transmit the procurement contract and settlement list on the, providing suppliers with a fair, just, open and transparent competition platform. The procurement concept of serving suppliers has been effectively implemented and widely praised by suppliers. Give full play to the talent advantage of 100 (1) 70 yuan/ton, accurately grasp the procurement opportunity and greatly reduce the procurement cost by implementing effective procurement strategies. After the integration of small alloy procurement, the alloy company assigned a special person for unified management. Taking advantage of the group's wide information sources and large market coverage, the small alloy was put into the large market for careful analysis, so as to provide a basis for the scientific decision-making of procurement. In July, in the face of the sharply rising price situation, the alloy company broke the conventional strategy of small batch, fast-paced and multi batch procurement of small alloys when the market fluctuated on the basis of in-depth research on the market, made bold decisions, locked the procurement volume and price for more than a month in advance, and significantly reduced the procurement cost. Take ferromolybdenum as an example. In the middle and late July, 240 tons of ferromolybdenum were purchased at low prices of 135000 yuan/ton and 152000 yuan/ton. By the middle of August, ferromolybdenum soared to more than 190000 yuan/ton. The purchase cost of ferromolybdenum alone was reduced by more than 6million yuan. Give full play to the advantages of Collaborative Procurement with the procurement branch, division of labor and cooperation, and the effect is obvious. Under the market situation of soaring small alloy prices, the alloy company publicizes the group's alloy procurement concept to suppliers from the perspective of equality, mutual benefit and long-term cooperation, so as to ensure the performance of established procurement contracts; All procurement branches cooperate to intensify expediting efforts; At the same time, it actively coordinated and communicated with its subsidiaries to make full use of the existing warehouse capacity to increase the inventory of small alloys. Taking Wugang, which has the largest consumption of ferromolybdenum, as an example, in the middle of August, when the price of ferromolybdenum was running at a high price, the inventory of ferromolybdenum at a low price reached 120 tons, the highest level in history

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