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The sixth Ni University Teachers' exchange meeting was held in Shanghai. Pan China new products were favored. On July 20, the sixth Ni University Teachers' exchange meeting (Professor day) hosted by National Instruments (Ni) was held in Shanghai. More than 200 teachers and colleagues from all over the country attended the conference. As a partner of Ni for many years, Beijing Zhongke pan China Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as pan China Measurement and control) participated in this activity and launched its lect (laboratory education course expert) series products, lect-1101 and lect-3301, which are applied to experimental teaching in Colleges and universities

lect-1101 is a set of automatic control principle experiment courseware system based on Ni Elvis development platform and combined with LabVIEW program. Based on the course of automatic control theory, according to the most typical 10 experiments of automatic control specialty in Chinese universities, it designs and develops plug and play Experimental Courseware, and provides teaching materials, PPT handouts, training, user manuals and other materials

lect-1101 adopts plug and play design, which not only enables teachers to easily realize the operation of different experiments by changing different courseware boards when conducting different experiments, but also greatly shortens the experimental teaching cycle. Make the teacher combine the experimental application program in the introductory stage; Refer to supporting teaching materials; With PPT, you can master the experimental method of virtual instrument, and its convenience is self-evident

lect-3301 can provide Ni Elvis II platform with various required cables, electronic components, tools and other hardware, and is further establishing a production plant configuration in its Krefeld Uerdingen factory, which greatly improves the utilization rate of Ni Elvis II platform. It also provides an entry-level experimental tutorial and introduces the programming method of LabVIEW; Elvis usage; Virtual instrument concept, etc. A full set of Elvis basic experiments, providing LabVIEW source code, and including two sets of application software for direct experiments. The above two sets of products can be used together to enable teachers to quickly and conveniently use the virtual instrument platform in the zero start stage and quickly achieve teaching goals

at the Ni Professor day event site, the two products of Pan China Measurement and control attracted extensive attention of a large number of teachers majoring in automatic control, and dozens of teachers put forward trial needs on site. With its greatest advantages, these two new products have also attracted the attention of engineers from the same trade in testing and measurement

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* about flexible testing technology

flexible testing technology is a technology that focuses on the functional characteristics, operation steps and performance of the drop hammer impact testing machine, which is the overall function of the testing and measurement system, and researches and develops methods and means to meet the requirements of the testing and measurement system. It takes the virtual instrument technology as the core, and integrates many technologies such as test and measurement, mechatronics, network communication and software; The research aims at the accuracy, reliability, adaptability, flexibility and expansibility of the test system; It is not only application-oriented, but also focused on the development of testing industry, which promotes the rapid development of modern testing technology in practical applications

* about Pan China Measurement and control

pan China Measurement and control was established in 1997. After more than ten years of development, it has become the pioneer of modern testing and measurement technology in China. Supported by flexible testing technology, pan China Measurement & control specializes in the research and development of measurement and control products, and provides integration, calibration, training and other services for rock splitting test and variable angle shear test; Pan China Measurement & control focuses on the solutions and complete sets of equipment for testing and measurement in the production process, and its services cover a wide range of aerospace, automotive, marine, electronics, electric power and other fields. In the automotive industry, he has excellently provided high-quality services to Siemens VDO, Honeywell, Hubei Erqi, Delphi and other customers, and won praise for accurate measurement, thoughtful service and deep understanding

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