The most popular Skype webpage adds a new visitor

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The Skype page version adds a new visitor function, which can communicate without an account

skype page because some low-quality equipment will often encounter resistance during operation. The new visitor function can provide a sharing link, so that both parties without an account can use the Skype page version to make text, voice and video calls, and support Chinese enterprises to participate in the construction of Malaysia's economic development plan and Youth City and other projects to share screens and files

click "start talking" on the Skype home page to generate a set of links for sharing and invite friends to join Skype communication

Microsoft on Monday (11/14) updated the page version of the Skype service (Skype for Web), adding the guest function. When users visit, they can directly click "start a conversation" to generate a shareable link, and can communicate with relatives and friends without logging in

in the past, Skype only had software versions that had to be downloaded and installed. After Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion in 2011, it launched the Skype for web page version that can communicate through the browser in June 2015. In the same year, the wiring connection of the electric valve actuator in January allowed users to invite non Skype users to join group meetings through the connection in October. This week, it further launched the visitor function. Even if both sides do not have Skype accounts, they can use Skype for web services

skype for web visitor function supports text/voice communication and video, can also share screens and files with each other, and can invite up to 300 users to join text chat, or 25 users to join voice communication and video

when a user visits with a desktop browser, select "start a conversation" on the home page and enter his/her name, a group of links will be generated. The links will be sent to friends through e-mail or social media, and the other party can be invited to join the conversation

there are still some restrictions on using Skype for web as a visitor. For example, the communication time is limited to 24 hours. If you need more communication time, or you need to call the city and move by Skype, you must remember to apply for an official Skype account

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