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Six workers suspected of chemical poisoning in Guangzhou have killed three people.

since last month, Nanfang Hospital has treated six poisoned workers from the leather factory in Dongping village, Baiyun District. At present, three people have died. Doctor Wang of the Department of Neurology of the hospital said about the model students equipped with hydraulic chucks that six people came from different factories, and the hospital has detected the toxic chemical dichloroethane in the blood of one of them. In view of the similar clinical symptoms of all the poisoned people and their exposure to inferior glue containing dichloroethane before being sent to hospital, it is very likely that they are poisoned by the same kind of chemicals

it is understood that at present, Baiyun District Safety Supervision Bureau is following up with the municipal occupational disease prevention and control hospital to test the samples as soon as possible, and Yongping sub district office has carried out a major inspection of safety production in the whole street

6 the symptoms of the poisoned people were similar

since the beginning of December last year, 6 leather factory workers have been sent to Nanfang Hospital for treatment due to poisoning. Among them, one died during emergency treatment and two died during neurology treatment. Of the remaining three patients, except one was discharged, the other two were still in the process of replacing metal materials with engineering plastics. The patients were all from Yongtai village, Yongping street and Zhongwu village, Dongping

according to Dr. Wang of the Department of Neurology, the clinical symptoms of the workers when they were sent to the hospital were very similar, accompanied by syncope, convulsion, vomiting and other symptoms. When the first worker was sent to the neurology department, he suspected that the patient was suffering from encephalitis. However, after observation and diagnosis, it was found that the patient was most likely caused by the toxicity of 9 test items in the chemicals. Subsequently, from the blood test results of the patients who came to the hospital in succession, it was found that one of them had toxic chemical "dichloroethane" in his blood, and the other had "acetone" in his blood. Although no "dichloroethane" was found in the blood of other patients, their clinical symptoms were very similar, their work contents were relatively consistent, and they all had a history of "dichloroethane" exposure, which could not rule out the possibility of "dichloroethane" poisoning

two patients who fled from the factory after the accident

were still receiving treatment in Nanfang Hospital. They were from different handbag factories, but the factory sites were all located in Dongping village. Tanqiuyan, a 16-year-old patient from Guangxi, works in the "Qiyi" wallet factory on the second floor, No. 29, Lane 5, Zhongxing South Street, Dongping village. At present, nearly 50000 yuan of medical expenses have been spent. According to her recollection, she began to feel unwell after the winter. At about 1:00 a.m. on December 14, he suddenly had convulsions all over his body and was sent to Dongren hospital in a coma. Due to her serious condition, tanqiuyan was transferred to Nanfang Hospital on the same day. After more than a week of treatment, tanqiuyan gradually woke up and was transferred from ICU to general ward before New Year's day. According to her brother Tan Yedong, "when my sister was admitted to the hospital the first day, the boss paid thousands of yuan in advance for her medical expenses. But from that day on, I never saw him again. The workers said that he had escaped, and I had reported the case to the Dongping police station."

when I visited "Qiyi" leather factory yesterday, the gate of the factory was locked and had been shut down for many days. Looking through the crack in the door, there is not much space in the factory, and things inside are messy. According to the businessmen around, there were more than 20 workers in the factory, and the boss left without paying. The workers worked in vain for a month and a half and didn't get any salary

poisoning is suspected to be caused by inferior glue.

it is learned from Dongren hospital and Nanfang hospital that similar poisoning incidents in leather goods factories are not the first time. In winter, BASF will launch the following innovative automobile utilization: there are many examples

in winter, workers close doors and windows to keep warm. The toxic gas cannot be released in time and circulates in a closed small space, seriously endangering the health of workers

Dr. Wang said, "in order to save costs, leather workshops often use inferior glue. In the market, regular and high-quality production glue costs 8000 yuan per ton, and poor quality glue costs 5000 yuan per ton, but inferior glue can be bought for only twoorthree yuan."

it was learned from the Guangdong Provincial Health Department yesterday that the Guangdong Provincial Health Department received a report from the Guangdong Provincial occupational disease prevention and control hospital at the end of December last year, confirming that three workers died of toxic encephalopathy and two others were hospitalized. At present, the health department is also paying close attention to them and trying to rescue the poisoned. As for whether the poisoning cause of the poisoned person is related to the work site, it can only be confirmed after being checked by the safety supervision department

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