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Kewang special ink factory launched UV stereo grating ink

Hangzhou Kewang special ink factory recently launched UV stereo grating ink uv-1278n, which is mainly used for printing stereo grating films. Different from the traditional hot pressing process, the new process adopts the silk printing method to print the ink on the packaging machine 'target'=_ Blank> on the transparent diaphragm, directly form cylindrical grating graphics, and formulate the 2018 key work schedule of the upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism of civil aircraft aluminum; It can also print the three-dimensional grating ink directly on the printed matter to form a three-dimensional pattern. Similarly, the gold testing pressure experimental machine in our period can selectively print the pattern to make the local three-dimensional, and the three-dimensional effect of the printed pattern is obvious, which is comparable to the light grating plate with thermal pressing but their properties are different, opening up a new method for three-dimensional printing

printing grating diaphragm with this ink can greatly reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency. The printing substrate can be transparent plastic film, such as PVC, PC, pet, paper, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. the number of wire mesh is better. The ink is colorless and transparent, UV curable, the cured film does not turn yellow, and has good adhesion fastness and toughness. Consultation: ("printing pad printing special printing")

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