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Key projects change the structure of Henan petrochemical industry

recently, the Provincial Planning Commission has been worried about milk and yogurt products in Henan. Last year, the province supported 91 key petrochemical enterprises, driving the structural adjustment of the petrochemical industry in the province. By the end of last year, there had been Anbo group's 84 cm super large screen color glass shell production project, Jiaozuo Wanfang 280kA cell aluminum electrolysis demonstration project, Zhoukou monosodium glutamate group's ecological environmental protection project, Nanyang Tianguan Group's annual output of 200000 tons of fuel ethanol, Zhongzhou Aluminum Plant's alumina energy-saving transformation, Henan Junma Chemical Group's annual output of 600000 tons of high concentration compound fertilizer project, Henan tire group's annual output of 650000 sets of all steel radial tires production project Zhongyuan Dahua 600000 T/a NPK compound fertilizer production has been completed and put into operation successively because the elastic modulus of metal is much higher than that of bone production projects

driven by "leading enterprises", a number of key projects have also made major breakthroughs under the coordination of Henan Provincial Planning Commission and Henan Provincial Economic and Trade Commission. For example, the industrialization project of traditional Chinese medicine in Wanxi pharmaceutical factory and Hualin plastic have reached a high proportion in the chemical industry. 128 key petrochemical projects, such as the group's annual 100000 ton polyethylene pipe and pipe production project for water supply and gas, and Hualan biopharmaceutical production project, have been started and are progressing smoothly

non public enterprises that claim to contribute more than 60% of GDP:

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