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When it comes to Suzhou, everyone will think that this foam granulator is a city that is transforming from a generation processing economy to intelligent manufacturing and scientific and technological innovation, and kevos is a typical representative. As an independent brand born and bred in Wuzhong District of Suzhou and deposited for 19 years, covos is now not only the representative of the leading enterprise in Intelligent Manufacturing in this city, but also has grown into a world-renowned service robot brand. At the same time, it has two business lines: domestic robots and commercial robots. Among them, domestic service robots account for the highest proportion in the global market

based on this background, recently, Qian Dongqi, the founder and chairman of covos robot, was invited to participate in the large-scale political interview program "interview with the Secretary of innovative four cities (counties)" (middle part of Wu). The program focuses on topics such as vigorously promoting intelligent manufacturing strategy, scientific and technological innovation activating Wu culture gene, and ecological civilization is the foundation of innovation

Qian Dongqi, chairman of covos, took part in the recording of the program with robot Wangbao. At the scene of the program, Jin Jie, vice mayor of Suzhou and Secretary of Wuzhong District Party committee, praised covos. At the same time, he also explained the reasons why Wuzhong District takes robots and intelligent manufacturing as the leading industry. The elimination method is to clean pendulum bearings, toothed rods, pointers, and wire wheels. Because robots and intelligent manufacturing are a direction of manufacturing development today, it is in line with made in China 2025 At the same time, Suzhou is a big manufacturing city. With the rise of labor costs, it will be a general trend for robots to assist human work. Therefore, in family life and modern service industry, the application prospect of service robot must be very broad

in the program, covos public service robot Wangbao, as the strength of Wuzhong Zhizao, served as a special guest to assist

chairman of covos robot 5 Micro printer and standard RS232 interface introduction by Qian Dongqi Wangbao

chairman Qian Dongqi introduced that the covos public service robot Wangbao has gone through two rounds of iterations since its birth in 2015. At present, it mainly works with humans in the marketing and service reception scenes of the commercial market. The new generation of Wangbao will be officially released soon, and the combination of artificial intelligence technology and robots will be more in-depth

the experimental steps are the same as above. Chairman Qian Dongqi believes that Wangbao's advantage is that it is getting smarter and smarter.

when the host asked about using a word to describe the advantage of covos public service robot Wangbao, chairman Qian Dongqi believed that a remarkable feature of Wangbao is that it is getting smarter and smarter. Because the next generation of Wangbao's new products not only have stronger autonomous sports ability, but also will have more artificial intelligence technology applied. At the same time, the user's business flow design will be added to the functional application. In other words, covos robot Wangbao will evolve into a robot that understands professional work and industry knowledge better, so as to create higher value for users

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