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On May 26th, 2015, Qingdao Ketai Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. held a traffic safety knowledge education lecture. General manager Yao luting and other senior executives of the company participated in the training together with nearly 90 business car drivers and employees driving private cars

with the development of science and technology and the progress of the times, the number of private cars in the society is increasing. Vehicles and other means of transportation are playing an increasingly important role in our daily life, but the subsequent traffic safety problems are also becoming more and more serious. All kinds of traffic safety accidents occur frequently, and traffic safety has a greater and greater impact on our lives. Therefore, the company decided to hold this lecture to enhance the safety awareness of the majority of motor vehicle drivers in the production of Volvo leaf spring, understand the harm caused by traffic accidents, better ensure personal safety, and also do a warm-up in advance for this year's safety production activity month

this training specially invited police officer Miao Zhixun of the traffic police brigade of the development zone to give lectures. Police officer Miao gave a vivid explanation based on examples and the longer the length of metal plates and lead screws, and gave a traffic safety lesson to all drivers, so that employees could realize the impact of traffic accidents caused by violations of traffic regulations on society and many families. After hearing the wonderful report of police officer Miao, the employees said that traffic safety is related to life. To cherish life, we must abide by the rules and regulations and drive safely

general manager Yao luting pointed out that nine out of ten accidents are fast. Drivers should start from themselves and do not overspeed or overload. At the same time, we should also enhance the awareness of traffic safety and the concept of legal system, put an end to the bad driving habits such as throwing windows and picking up and hitting cars, and jointly create a good traffic safety order

after the training, the company's executives and the participating employees signed a proposal for "compliance with regulations and safe driving". Through the implementation of this activity, the traffic safety awareness of drivers has been further enhanced

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