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Heat Mirror insulating glass is rated as the most environmentally friendly and green building material of the year.

Southwall technology, a glass manufacturer, has recently launched energy-saving heat Mirror insulating glass, which can provide insulation values ranging from R-6 to R-20. This product won the 2007 most environmentally friendly and energy-saving green product award in the glass industry, which was sponsored by arch-tech magazine and selected by public readers. A the synchronization accuracy and the distance between the side wheels of the trolley have a significant impact on the size of the eccentric load force. Rchi-tech magazine has more than 28000 readers, including authorities in various comprehensive industries such as construction and materials and technical experts in commercial construction

mr. Bruce Lang, vice president of Southwall's market research and development department, said, "Southwall is honored that its heat mirror glass can be recognized by the authoritative experts of arch-tech, and its products are regarded by experts as energy-saving pioneers whose performance is better than that of traditional Low-E insulating glass. The research on the performance of Heat Mirror insulating glass began with a broad development space! The latest Low-E insulating glass products meet the urgent energy-saving requirements of the world today, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance the energy efficiency of building decoration."

the performance of thermal Mirror insulating glass is better than any Low-E insulating glass in the current glass industry. This kind of glass contains 1 to 3 layers of lightweight and advanced high-tech low radiation and light reflection films. The coating layer is located inside the insulating glass of the thermal mirror, producing multiple insulating cavities. These insulating cavities are filled with thermal conductivity inert gases such as argon or krypton. Compared with LOW-E insulating glass, this new glass can save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Southwall technology company introduced the world's first Low-E coated glass production line as early as 1981. Therefore, the company was rated as the technology pioneer of "top 100 inventions of the century" by popular science magazine in 2000

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