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Mistakes that middle-level managers can't make

since you choose to do management, you have no way back. You must constantly change yourself to adapt to the company and the corporate culture, rather than letting the company or culture adapt to you...

around us, we often see that many middle-level managers work hard, and overtime is a common thing. It's not too much to say that we should "love our factory like home", However, they are always not recognized by the boss, nor supported by their subordinates, let alone promoted in their positions. After summarizing, I think if you want to be a qualified middle-level cadre, you should avoid the following four fatal mistakes

first, you can't really understand the boss

the general manager of the enterprise, especially the clip with special materials, is the leader and soul of the enterprise in private enterprises. The thought of the boss is like the law of a country, which is the action guide of enterprises. Therefore, as a middle-level cadre, you must understand the boss's behavior and thought, and take his thought as the compass to guide your work. Many middle-level cadres always complain and give the company a lot of development suggestions, from personnel management to technological innovation, but they are not recognized by the boss. But they never thought about whether these are what the boss likes to hear or what you wish to hear. Know that the company will not change with the wishes of someone, except the boss of the company. Most of the changes in the company begin to change slowly after the thought of the boss changes, rather than when the thought of a professional manager or a department manager changes. Here, as a middle-level management cadre, you should keep one sentence in mind. Don't try to change the boss before the boss's thoughts have changed. As middle-level management cadres, what we can do is how to do things better under the boss's existing thoughts

second, you can't deeply understand the company's culture

if you want to quickly integrate into a company, you should first understand the company's culture The culture of a company is a system suitable for the development of the enterprise stage after years of precipitation and accumulation. It is the performance of an enterprise's style of doing things, sophistication, but generally high elongation of materials. As a middle-level management cadre of the company, we should deeply study, understand and adapt to this cultural atmosphere, and carry out our own work in this atmosphere. In reality, many middle-level management cadres do not understand this. They turn a blind eye to the company's cultural system, and even despise him as an old system. They go their own way in their work. Instead of bringing the work style of the original company to the current company, we should reflect our consistent work style in the company's behavior, which is incompatible with the corporate culture. It is understandable that such middle-level cadres are difficult to get a big promotion in the company. Of course, they will also have one or another problems when communicating with other colleagues. What is more serious is that many such middle-level managers do not review their mistakes when such problems occur, but blindly complain that the company's system is too backward, the relationship is too complex, and so on

as a middle-level cadre, you should understand that you want to work in such an environment. The company's culture is like a dance competition platform. If you want to win the competition, you must abide by the competition rules and dance on the platform...

Third, you don't work on your core business

many middle-level cadres work very hard, He is also very enthusiastic in dealing with the help from his colleagues' departments. Even if he puts down his work at hand, he should first complete the "helpful work" assigned by his colleagues, which is also known as "improving the relationship around him and showing his ability"

Comrade Deng Xiaoping once said during his southern tour, "whether it's a white cat or a black cat, it's a good cat if it can catch mice". This sentence is popularly said to be "milk is mother". As a department leader, the same is true. Everything else is empty, if you don't do your core business well. It is a serious mistake to waste time on some indifferent work or "helpful work" every day. The mistake lies in not correctly realizing that as a leader of a department, you have your own core work and responsibilities. Your first task is to make the line simple on your key performance indicators and reflect your ability in your core business, Reflect performance, rather than spend a lot of time dealing with "helpful work"

in reality, many management lectures have taught us to pay more attention to our work, which is also the reason for starting the first batch of insurance compensation work of provincial new materials. Work should be prioritized, and the work at hand should be divided into "important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, and not important and not urgent", and the most time should be spent dealing with those important and urgent things, rather than doing those tasks that are neither important nor urgent

people's energy is limited. If you put more energy on that matter, your energy on this work will naturally decrease. As middle-level managers, we should recognize what we should do immediately and what reflects the performance of the Department. That is the focus of our hard work

fourth, they will not mobilize the enthusiasm of their subordinates

your subordinates are like your own organs. Only their coordination and hard work can ensure your health. Similarly, a department and a company are the same. Only the employees of each department perform their respective duties and do their own work well can the company operate better

as a department manager, your biggest responsibility is to consider how to maximize the enthusiasm of subordinates, so that your department can operate effectively and produce performance quickly

in fact, many middle-level cadres do not do this. Many middle-level cadres are business elites, but management dwarfs. They always bow to the past, don't know how to mobilize the enthusiasm of their subordinates, don't know how to let them help themselves share their worries, don't know how to divide their work into their subordinates, and as a result, they often work overtime and work very hard every day, but they often get complaints from employees, complaining that they don't trust them and don't let them be alone

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