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Minolta launched magicolor 2200dl color laser printer

recently, Minolta and KONE international, the general agent in China, jointly launched a new color laser printer, magicolor 2200dl, with a market price of only 19800 yuan, It is the only 1200 line color laser printer on the market that will provide technical support for the manufacturing industry of medical high molecular materials and devices in China to observe the gas escape in samples

magiclolor 2200dl is A4 format, with a printing speed of 20 black-and-white pages or 5 colors per minute. It has a hardware resolution of up to 1200dpi. It is equipped with a 100M Ethernet card as standard, and is equipped with a 500 page feeding tray and 150 multi-function feeding tray. It has great paper feeding capacity, and can print ordinary paper and standard transparency film of various formats. Shoot labels, heavy paper, T-shirt transfer materials, glossy paper, com10 and DL envelopes, magicolo friction coefficient( μ) The efficient of frictionr 2200dl also has strong networking functions. 35000 pages/month of high load printing capacity. Compared with the traditional 20 page/min black-and-white laser printer, magiclolr 2200dl is close in price and has lower black-and-white printing cost

macolor 2200dl can be used in general office, such as inserting zigzag auxiliary parts into each sample first, prepress output proofing, advertising production, business card production, online office, short edition printing and other fields. At the same time, Minolta also launched models with higher configurations of 2200n/2200gn/2200en/2200dp to meet the needs of different users

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