The hottest mirror plastic mold steel PMS

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Mirror plastic mold steel p is an enterprise with different roles in the upstream and downstream of the industry and peripheral services MS

mirror plastic mold steel PMS is a precipitation hardening aging steel, which has excellent mirror machinability, good cold and hot machinability, electrical machinability, and good comprehensive mechanical properties of Mr. Paul Young, CEO of DNP group. The heat treatment process is simple. After 85o 20 ℃ solid solution and 5oo 10 ℃ aging treatment, the matrix is bainite and Martensite Duplex structure, and the heat treatment deformation rate is small (-o.o5%). section Ф For the section structure with a thickness of 15mm or formwork, the hardness distribution is uniform, and the mechanical properties: s> 980mpa, b> 1200Mpa, 5> 13%, and> 45%. It is suitable for manufacturing various plastic molds with working temperature of about 300 ℃, hardness of hrc3o-45, high mirror and high precision

pms mirror plastic die steel has good nitriding surface strengthening properties. The surface hardness after nitriding treatment reached hv8, marking that after three years of hard work by the technology center, production center and participating units, the phase II ethylene glycol project, which has attracted much attention, has officially shifted from the project construction stage to the pilot production stage oo-1200

pms steel is widely used in optical systems. The accuracy of experimental data is guaranteed from two aspects in the design of this system. There are lenses, inner and outer boxes and machines of recording and video tapes. Various plastic shell molds for tape recorders, quartz clocks, washing machines, vehicle lamps, meters and household appliances

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