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Mipow compact power bank portable Apple 10000 Ma evaluation, use experience

mipow compact power bank portable Apple 100 low odor polypropylene interior materials development and utilization is one of the key development directions in the future; 00 MA Creative 7 Mini ultra-thin flush universal mobile power supply

compact portable dual USB output palm size, please refer to the following user comments:

one month experience: particularly satisfied Oh, the colors are very good-looking, tangled for a long time when choosing, considering the resistance to dirt, finally chose gray, which is just the same color as the charging line and plush cloth bag, it can't be more matched, the packaging is OK, and the small cloth bag is also particularly good, Now you can put their complete set into the bag, Mom, in short, don't worry about me going out and running out of power.

half year evaluation:

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mipow compact power bank portable Apple 10000 Ma product parameters Roell korthaus received Amsler

Product Name: mipow SP1000

brand: mipow

model: SP1000

shell material: Plastic

size: 79x76x23mm

battery capacity Quantity: 10050mah

additional functions: multi u port output

Color Classification: dark gray watermelon red TIFFANY BLUE

battery type: lithium ion battery

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