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China's wind power miracle - Construction of wind farms in alpine regions

China's wind power started late, but it has been creating miracles

on Saihan dam, we have created green miracles of wind power construction in alpine regions

Located at the junction of the Inner Mongolia Plateau and the northern mountains of Hebei Province, the Saihan dam is a giant dam 51.46 kilometers long from east to west, 17.84 kilometers wide from south to north, and meters above sea level

it is quite difficult to build a wind farm on this. There are more than 300 days above grade wind here. The speed difference between V2 and V3 is mainly used to relax the polymer. The frost free period is only three months, and the lowest air temperature is minus 42 degrees Celsius. The environment here is more difficult than people think

the wind conditions here are superior. Without challenging the difficulty, we can't conquer nature and use nature. There is no need for the working tension machine to exist. Personnel overcome rain, snow, wind and frost and the changing geological environment. A 220 kV substation was built in only 40 days more than 10 years ago

by the end of July 2018, Chinese companies had built 10 wind farms in this alpine region

this is a vivid case of the development of wind power in China: facing difficulties, overcoming difficulties, and striving for innovation and development

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in the past 18 years, China's wind power has been in rapid development. By the end of 2017, the installed capacity of wind power in our country has exceeded twice that of the United States, and compared with the total installed capacity of only more than 300000 kW in China 18 years ago, China's current installed capacity is 180million kwh, which is 600 times more than that of China 18 years ago

at present, the world is facing problems such as fossil energy depletion and climate change. The development of wind energy, a renewable form of clean energy, is of great significance to deal with the above difficulties

the scale of wind power in China accounts for 34.81% of the global scale, ranking first in the world

in addition, China has made breakthroughs in offshore wind power. In 2017, the new installed capacity reached 1.16 million KW under natural decomposition in light, an increase of 97% year-on-year, and the cumulative installed capacity reached 2.79 million KW; The whole wind power industry chain has basically realized localization, and the industrial concentration has been continuously improved. While meeting the domestic market demand, wind turbines have been exported to 33 countries at the same time. By the end of 2017, wind turbine manufacturers have exported wind turbines with a cumulative installed capacity of 3.205 million KW

from Plains to mountains, from high altitude to low wind speed, China's wind power not only leads the world in terms of development speed, but also begins to lead the new direction of the global wind power industry in terms of technological innovation

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