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Mitel helps Superbowl provide public safety technical service guarantee

speaking of Super Bowl competition, you may think of players, fans, midfield performers and even food suppliers. Most people don't spend much time thinking about the way public safety personnel communicate. To organize such a well-known major event as the super bowl, it is important to ensure that the safety guarantee is in place. Emergency personnel have the right tools to ensure everyone's safety, and can communicate quickly and efficiently in case of safety problems

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during one of the largest sports events in the United States, he was responsible for receiving about 1.3 million people to watch the game on a weekend

multiple law enforcement agencies need to communicate in real time through text, voice and image

we need to find radio and basic applications that can meet the needs of emergency personnel for safety and inter agency cooperation


mitel security collaboration

the police found a suspicious person who was at large for a felony

the public safety team shares photos of counterfeit goods suppliers

users annotate the photos and share them to speed up the implementation of the security process of activities such as Ma'anshan, Wuyang and Hefei, which fell by 10 yuan/ton, including finding missing persons

in February 2017, Houston held the 51st Super Bowl at NRG stadium? An estimated 1.3 million spectators attended the championship and participated in the Super Bowl live free event held a few days before the competition day. Harris County Public Safety Technology Service (pSTS) supported the event by providing public safety LTE networks in important places such as NRG stadium, George Brown Convention Center and discovery Green Park. The public safety operation period lasts from 10 days before the competition day to the competition day. During this period, various activities will be held throughout Houston

achieve goals through collaboration

although communication is crucial to the ability of emergency personnel to respond to various situations, many tools currently used nationwide are inappropriate and unsatisfactory. Most public safety organizations use hand-held radio to communicate and convey information. This way can only provide oral information, and there is no visible communication, so users can have a variety of interpretations of information. This usually leads to incorrect information transmission and traffic congestion on radio frequencies. In addition, it is often difficult for multiple agencies across departments to share information safely. All of these may lead to longer decision-making and event response latency

since September 11, an important initiative has been launched nationwide to provide better tools and technologies for public safety, and Harris County has been a pioneer in determining how public safety agencies can improve communication. For example, as one of the five early builders of FIRSTNET, the county took the lead in deploying a new public safety broadband network, which is specially established for public safety and can provide the same reliable broadband connection as the currently used mission critical public safety voice broadcasting system

before the super bowl, Harris County pSTS deployed new mobile technology at the Houston Livestock Show and rodeo, but unfortunately, this technology cannot be used by front-line personnel. They began to look for new mobile communication and collaboration solutions, and formulated a series of requirements, including voice calls, group calls, global address books, video streaming and sharing, location-based services, as well as the ability of field personnel to communicate with each other and command a single person or small group. They finally found mitel network and mitel security collaboration solutions for emergency services/emergency personnel. Mitel security collaboration is a team messaging and collaboration application with document sharing and annotation functions and enhanced security functions. For example, the invitation control level is higher than that of other team messaging services, and the initiator of the project flow or its representative can invite others to participate

during the Super Bowl Li, the use of mobile applications has promoted the transformation of public safety communication methods by adding messages, pictures, video sharing, location services, etc. to voice broadcasting. We are leading the way in using public safety data and hope that the industry can learn from our great success in the super bowl

-- during the deployment, Harris County pSTS developed an information architecture to define the information flow between individuals and institutions. They set up groups, so that each unit has its own chat groups, such as police, explosion-proof teams, special police, etc., to support individuals to have private conversations within their teams, and communicate with key personnel of the general headquarters to quickly and efficiently transmit information

during the super bowl, nine local, state and federal agencies used mitel security collaboration, with 855 registered emergency personnel, 390 active users on the day of the game, and 58535 app views during the game week. Although pSTS expects voice calls and real-time video streaming to be the main functions, group SMS has quickly become a key method of communication and cooperation. According to people, group messaging is a really useful application that can send group SMS quickly and efficiently

security is the top priority, and some institutions use consumer level messaging tools, which cannot provide the security and privacy required by public security officials

avoid potential tags

here are some examples of how to use mitel for secure collaboration during Super Bowl and Super Bowl live activities. For example, the patrol police noticed a suspicious person driving away from the scene quickly. The patrolman used his mobile data terminal to check the car license plate of the suspicious person and determined that he was guilty of a felony and was at large. Patrolmen use mitel security collaboration application to share short messages containing suspicious person information, including name, description and license plate number. A team member used the driver's license information to retrieve the suspect's photo and shared it with different teams and command posts of multiple units and institutions. A police officer at the entrance of the conference center saw the suspect enter the building, and all units began to search the suspect. The police officer was able to arrest the suspect. Before using mitel security collaboration solution, these different institutions could not communicate with each other quickly or efficiently through voice communication, but now they can cooperate across departments and execute arrests quickly and efficiently

mitel security collaboration helps provide communication support for seamless operation between the pre event and the race date. End users soon find that they can annotate and share pictures, which helps speed up the security process of activities, such as finding missing people and tracking suspicious people. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture with comments is worth more! The public security team shared photos of fake goods suppliers and various swindlers, leading to many arrests and protecting fans from being cheated. When there is no mitel security cooperation, plainclothes policemen and others are limited to voice communication, but through multimodal messaging, they can share videos and photos to quickly identify criminals and send teams

following the super bowl, mitel security collaboration has been used in many occasions. At the local cowboy Festival, a patient with early-onset dementia got lost and his family was looking for it. The dispatcher sent information describing the missing person over the radio, but also posted the information to a team of mitel security collaboration, including photos of the missing person. The police soon found the man, mainly because they could recognize him from the photos. After the dispatcher issued instructions on the radio, several policemen entered the security command post and asked the dispatcher to repeat it because they didn't hear it. Even if they heard it, it was impossible to determine the missing person according to the original description that the mechanical properties of ABS were greatly affected by temperature, because they were looking for a person without a hat. By using the mitel security collaboration platform and viewing the photos of the missing person, the police can find him faster

messaging helps enhance communication

as mentioned earlier, most public security agencies use handheld radios for communication and information transmission, limiting communication to audio only, and requiring individuals to listen to the correct radio channel to obtain important information. Using mitel security collaboration and its team SMS function can reduce the traffic that our Metrology quality center mainly introduces the purpose of electronic universal testing machine and its main function has been radio transmission. In addition, users can view messages and information from multiple teams, thereby reducing the risk of missing any important information, although it also brings the risk of information overload. Collaboration has been enhanced, which facilitates information sharing among multiple institutions and units

security is the top priority, and some institutions use consumer level messaging tools, which cannot provide the security and privacy required by public security officials. Using a controlled messaging platform (such as mitel security cooperation, which makes the operation more intuitive and simple; extended stretching space) can spread sensitive information more safely, and support groups to control their information and the content they share or do not share

like other team messaging applications, there are some important things to keep in mind when using mitel secure collaboration applications. Sometimes irrelevant messages and information are shared, causing confusion. In order to avoid information overload, it is necessary to share the correct information with the right people, because excessive information may lead to staff safety conditions, and they will be distracted by a large number of messages, without spare efforts to monitor the crowd/surrounding environment

in addition, only a small number of public safety employees use those provided by their employers, and individuals are usually unwilling to install work-related applications on private devices. In order to make group messaging applications such as mitel secure collaboration valuable and effective, appropriate personnel need to be able to access it, which requires institutions to provide or adopt their own device (byod) policies for more staff to protect users' personal information by limiting public information to protected encrypted applications

using mitel's security collaboration solution during the super bowl, security personnel not only found and arrested suspects, but also implemented first aid measures faster, recovered missing children, and significantly reduced criminal activities

leading the way of safe communication

using mitel security collaboration solution during the super bowl, security personnel not only found and arrested suspects, but also implemented first aid measures faster, recovered missing children, and significantly reduced criminal activities. Public security officials pointed out that information sharing and multi agency interoperability have been improved, and individuals and teams can communicate and collaborate safely and effectively through voice, text and video

a pSTS representative in Harris County pointed out that public safety is about protecting lives and ensuring the safety of emergency personnel, citizens and communities. She added that the bad guys use the latest technology, so emergency personnel need to go further than them. Through mitel security collaboration, public security personnel can quickly and easily share messages, information, photos, videos, etc,

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