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Minmetals Haiqin: signs that crude oil has stopped falling and stabilized. The trend of Shanghai Jiaotong is weaker than that of Japan Jiaotong. Due to the global financial "tsunami" caused by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, it is widely expected that the Federal Reserve will announce interest rate cuts that night, but the results were unexpected. The statement after the meeting said that the interest rate will remain unchanged at 2% as the economic decline is as important as inflation. At the same time, in order to save other troubled financial institutions, Within two days, it announced to inject US $140billion into the financial market. The main contract of the New York crude oil index showed a slightly weak trend in the morning due to the strong performance of the US index, but in the afternoon, these will have an impact on the price of the experimental box and make a downward adjustment due to the US index. The crude oil index stopped at $90 yesterday and rose to 95.02 at 93.03 today

Japanese gum fell 10 to 290 lines yesterday, and rebounded to 292 lines today due to the stabilization of crude oil. All contracts of Shanghai Jiaotong fell by the limit yesterday. Today, the market performance was more cautious, and the overall performance of the trend was weaker than that of Japan Jiaotong. 0811 hit a new bottom of 20600 this year, but then recovered part of the loss in the last hour of trading, closing at 21080, and the world fell 410 points

the performance of the spot market is: the unit price of China Rubber No. 5 standard rubber warranty is 25056, down 600 points from last Friday, and the number of orders increased by 150 tons to 500 tons. Synthetic rubber Dushanzi Petrochemical CIS polybutadiene rubber of PetroChina Northwest branch fell 1500 to 21700 tons compared with last week

operation suggestions: due to the increase of spot inventory, Shanghai glue fell too fast, and there are short-term upward repair requirements. It is recommended to operate in a short period of time tomorrow

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